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S. T. Unicom Pvt. Ltd.

Industries :Decor, Furniture, Walls
Business Detail

We are responsible for bringing a taste of contemporary furnishing from around the world to refined palettes in India, with many of the global brands being available in India exclusively with us. Our eclectic collection of products has won the hearts of countless individuals who are united by a refined taste in decor and furnishing. SPACIO, the retail brand owned by the company has its flagship store in Kolkata and is spread over 25000 Sq ft across 5 levels. It is the largest premium furniture & decor accessories store in Eastern India. The brand has recently opened its second store at Chandigarh with more to follow all across the country in the upcoming months.Embracing the changing needs of today’s age, we have also ventured into the digital space and made our products available via our e-store brand – Just For Decor. A step towards the future, it has helped us reach out to home-makers from all around the world who can enjoy our offerings with the click of a button.Clocks. Our trusted companion since time immemorial. They serve a much greater purpose than the simple act of time keeping. Today, the choice of clock defines a person. How a person perceived time is articulately portrayed in their choice of clocks. After all, every one of us has a unique way of seeing and perceiving time. Some like to kill time, Some like to save tim. Some choose to race against time, while some prefer to take their seek time. Its fascinating to note that this untapped ability of being able to convey every mood and every emotion makes clocks even more relevant in today’s digital age. And with a vision to carer to these myriad moods & emotions, Just For Clocks was born. Over 2000 designer clocks are now available in India through the brands stores & e-portal. After all every person is unique, so should their clocks be similar?

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Corporate Office: 79, Palton Road, Mumbai – 400001 Marketing Office: Spacio Towers, 86B, Topsia Road (South), Kolkata – 700046
+91 33 40049599