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The hearth of a home, as a kitchen is traditionally called, is often the space most used and enjoyed by a family. Of course, the placement of the kitchen in a home layout and its size also determines the amount of activity that takes place within. Besides being the place to prepare and cook food, the kitchen also has to accommodate gadgets and appliances such as refrigerators and microwave ovens and juicers and food processors; as also for dishwashing and laundry! The dining area, whether within the kitchen or adjacent to it – is an ancillary facility to the kitchen, therefore a lot of elements also overlap. In modern living, home plans have evolved such that the living room, dining room and kitchen are usually areas demarcated visually and which physically flow into each other. So a bar, which is an ancillary element for the entire living-dining-kitchen connection, also gets a place under the broad grouping of Kitchens.