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Restaurant lighting impacts greatly on dining experiences. Here are five lighting design tips to help create the correct ambiance in your restaurant. 1. Ceiling height - Understanding the parameters and restraints of a room is the first design rule. A high ceiling can make space seem bigger and help create a more lively atmosphere. 2. Lighting control in restaurants- is important for safety and for ensuring that different moods are created suitable for the customer's dining experience. Creating a light, brightwork environment within the kitchen is paramount. 3. Adjustable lighting - Next, consider incorporating some flexible lighting solutions in your restaurant to cope with changes in layout. Track lighting, lights with extendable arms and adjustable pendants will help cater to these changes. 4. Highlighting room features - Another consideration is highlighting your dining room’s special features. Use directional lighting and up-lighters to highlight points of interest like coving, vaulted ceilings, artwork and so on. 5. Outdoor lighting - Outdoor lighting has the ability to attract customers and will be one of the first impressions your guests will have on arrival. Outdoor lights can highlight signs, menus and interesting architectural details, and create an overall welcoming ambience.

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