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Unique Decor & Furniture Ideas on TFOD

Posted by
on January 20, 2015 at 05:34 PM

Creative and Inspiring Ideas in Furniture & Interior Design by Preetham D'Souza of Mangalore, Karnataka! View his profile on TFOD!

© Courtesy of the designer

Describing himself as “an interior designer with quick thinking abilities”, Mangalore-based Preetham D’Souza has just that much to say about himself! In this age and times where people are getting more and more vocal and expressive about themselves and their work, Preetham stands out – in sharp contrast. With expertise listed as décor stylist, furniture designer and interior designer and location mentioned vaguely, Preetham’s only contact point is an email id – that too perhaps only because it is mandatory for signing up on TFOD!

While on one side TFOD was flooded with requests for extending the number of words provided for the ‘Business Profile’ when the word limit was 500, on the other side Preetham D’Souza made an impressive profile with just five! 

Impressive – because design has its own language! A picture conveys much more than words ever can. And the pictures put up by Preetham are brimming with creative ideas! Using a variety of sources of inspirations such as a nut-and-bolt, a light bulb-holder, a nail cutter or a skating board, he comes up with some very interesting and creative décor and furniture concepts. 

Designer : Preetham D'Souza
Photography :Courtesy the designer

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