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Red - a paradox: the colour of love or anger?

Posted by
on February 14, 2015 at 05:37 PM

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, here's a pick of the "reds" on TFOD! A fiery and vibrant colour, it needs careful handling in any decor. It is the colour associated as much with love, as with anger; as much with power as with passion. So, we tried digging for decors where the colour - or its shades and hues - lend character to the space, rather than just an occasional highlight. So, here goes..... 

© Courtesy of Ar. Neilesh Kenkare, Bollywood Mischief, Mumbai

Image: 1. Neilesh Kenkare, Arch-Aid, Mumbai

A high-end boutique for a well-known brand owned by Suneil Shetty and Suresh Bhandari; located in a posh suburb called for a fitting decor scheme. Luxurious materials and lavishly styled elements impart a highly sophisticated and plush feel to the space. The rich red splashed all around, imparts a warm coziness to the decor. With the tag of Bollywood attached to it, it becomes all the more imperative to add extra dollops of glamour and style.  Neilesh Kenkare of Arch-Aid has used a royal red to turn on the charm – for a dual-purpose space!

Images: 2, 5, 6. Shishu Yadav, Home Makers, Mumbai

Shishu Yadav of Home Makers, Mumbai - displays a plethora of red decors - on his TFOD Profile! High on class and style, the designs exemplify the use of the vibrant colour in a variety of spaces and settings!

Image: 3. Vinod Mehra, Vinod Mehra & Associates, Mumbai

Again a fashion domain retail outfit, this space by Vinod Mehra is - red - all over. The grooms' section of Vavci in Amritsar, Punjab, gets a dose of red! Yet, the choice of materials and treatment of the objects lends an understated elegance to the glamorous space. 

Image: 4. Senthil Ram, Space Sense, Chennai

A home-theatre / lounge-like space gets draped in red! The luxurious feel of the fabric add to the comfort of the styling! Senthil Ram,  of Space Sense, Chennai on TFOD, gives a lovely touch of red to the entertainment room in a 3-bedroom apartment, whcih he describes as "a uber-chic lounge area with flexible seating and natural stone wall".

Image: 7. Lalita Tharani & Mujib Ahmed, Collaborative Architecture, Mumbai

Collaborative uses the dynamic colour in their spatial exploration for an exhibitiion pavilion for Titan! The seamlessly flowing ribbons of red move from ceiling to floor, and also contain the display-holders. The eye-catching colour becomes an attention-drawing factor, as well as enhances the white, black, gold and silver of the products - like watches and jewellery!

Image: 8. Sijo Jose, L&S Design Concepts Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

One more specimen of a red space. Sijo Jose on TFOD explores the colour in a bedroom in a plush apartment in Cochin. The youthful exuberance it imparts to the space seems appropriate for a kids' bedroom - neatly resolving the issue of "pink for girls and blue for boys"!

Image: 9. De Panache, Bangalore

De Panache expertly uses the boldness of red for a foodcourt in Royal Meenakshi Mall, Bangalore. In their pursuit of "creating spaces that enhance the human experience", the bright red accents create a vibrant ambience in the foodcourt - usually a busy place where people unwind and enjoy after a movie or a shopping spree!

Image: 10. Nikhil Aggarwal, Resaiki, New Delhi

A lovely, feminine room - with floral prints and an old-world charm - comes from the Resaiki projects on TFOD. The space looks gentle, as abedroom should - despite the overpowering red splashed liberally all around!

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