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Collaborating with J. Mayer H & Exploring Global Markets

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on March 28, 2015 at 02:42 PM

Lalita Tharani & Mujib Ahmed of Collaborative Architecture, are collaborating with well-known German architect J. Mayer H, to create a synergy of their similar design ideologies; while exploring new global markets. Lalita and Mujib are also on the Advisory Panel of The Future Of Design - www.tfod.in - along with Ar. Sanjay Puri and Ar. Canna Patel! Lalita shares the details of the collaboration and their joint plans to lead the way to the future of design. 

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International experience and the knowledge of local cultures are a very productive ground for new architectural thinking. And the dynamic Indian market is ready for new input. The Future Of Design, for us - as for a lot of architects around the world – lies in extending our arms to global partnerships. We started off the year with a collaboration with well-known German Design Studio – J. Mayer H.


J. Mayer H. and Collaborative Architecture are investigating in design research and the contemporary language of architecture. Both are passionate about innovation and are appropriating latest technology into the design and construction process. The collaboration explores the potential to create interventions that enhance dialogue of architectural spaces on many levels for the urban life that cares about sustainability, aesthetics, economic success and cultural contribution. Our expertise is addressed towards developers, builders, corporates, institutions and private Clients, who share the adventure of architecture as a tool to make our cities a better place to live and work.

It is the collaboration between studios rather than between individuals. Having known each other for almost 6 years, we understand each other’s design thinking and values. There are commonalities between us as individuals, and our design ethos and sensibilities also overlap at various levels. What makes this collaboration unique is the idea of two teams getting engaged right from design research stage, and our commitment to knowledge sharing, with the potential to replace monotony with stimulating multiplicities. Mayer’s cutting edge design research and Collaborative Architecture's spatial thinking with their understanding of Indian ethos and possibilities of local technology should be able to maneuver local knowledge with a global vision. With a new office set up in Beijing, the collaboration looks at exploring the markets of China and the Middle East.

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