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February 11, 2014 at 03:50 PM

Designing ordinary everyday objects with a quixotic touch completely changes the user-perspective. Artist Sidhharth Kararwal’s interpretations of such objects of daily use as scrubbers and bottle-openers are sure to bring a sense of wonder and curiosity and amusement. When functionality isn’t compromised, why not spice up the design with a dash of humour?

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Seen all those macho films where super-macho men open a Coke bottle with their teeth? And the many times you tried it yourself as a kid, only to be left with a painful tooth and bleeding gums?!

Well, you can actually do it now yourself, though not with your own teeth. Young sculptor Siddharth Kararwal has designed a bottle-opener fashioned from a trashed bicycle brake that is fitted with a set of strong, large teeth that ‘bite into and hold’ the bottle cap as you use the ‘brake’ handle to exert the pressure to open it. 

This ‘crafty’ product, developed by Kararwal, is being manufactured (perhaps in limited edition) by Spark Plug Products, Vadodara! 0265 (a name inspired by the telephone code for Vadodara), a ‘product laboratory’ launched by Vineet Nair, is working furiously with several young artists based in the city, encouraging them to create ‘artistic’ products that can be manufactured by his firm under quality supervision in limited editions.  About 30-odd artists have already created products that are tried, tested and ready to hit the market. 

For Siddharth Kararwal, who often uses actual commercial products (such as floor mops, scrubbing brushes, and suchlike) that he modifies to create crazily interesting sculptures, designing the toothy, biting Bottle-opener was a project just up his alley - funky, brightly coloured, strangely attractive, and useful too!

Designer : Siddharth Karawal
Photography :courtesy the designer

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