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on June 23, 2014 at 04:53 PM

One of the most promising names on the Indian architecture and design scene, Bangalore-based architect Gaurav Roy Choudhury has a dynamic yet restrained design style; the solutions guided by some very clear fundamentals of space planning and energy optimization.


© Courtesy of the architect

A web search on Gaurav Roy Choudhury does not show his website topping the search instead opens pages of his work written about in various online architectural platforms. The young architect clearly believes in letting his work speak for itself. Post his graduation from Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of College of Architecture, Mumbai and a Research Fellowship, Gaurav polished his skill set by working under the renowned architects - Dean D’Cruz and Mathew & Ghosh.   


Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects - GRCA founded in the year 2007 and has set base in Bangalore with projects spread across different places and a design philosophy to “start design as late as possible,” only to build a foundation of analysis giving way to uniqueness to each project, the core of their practice where pragmatic questioning is given the highest priority higher than design articulation and even the end product. To emphasize, Gaurav adds, “Global ideas by this time have been abandoned and we are ready to be true to the content of what we are creating.”  The process of analysis also helps set priorities to make critical design decision. Practicing for few years now, the success mantra for GRCA is “that we have nothing to prove. We do not care about anything other than being true to the project and process and push the limits of design in those very aspects.” 

Having done various types of projects, GRCA team believes that in order to have a good design, one should be free from “jargons” and the idea to have a “practical design” as they see them as words by people who have limited their creativity. Gaurav seals the thought by stating, “While the world is moving towards standardization and quick fixes, we absolutely believe in the opposite.”

TFOD got a glimpse of few of his projects.

RK Fabrics (Commercial Interiors)

A challenging task of redesigning interiors of an import export house where the business had once began. The design needed to bring in the modernity around and have its operation run smoothly. Therefore, emerged the concept to “internalize the growth and dynamic development of the company” which was done by connecting floors, breaking the slab at necessary levels , creating volume and letting light inside , “wrapping”  the spaces together. The third floor is dedicated for administrative purpose; the fourth floor forms a connection between the third and the fifth floor giving an exclusive suite to the owner with private meeting halls beside his office; the fifth floor is devoted as a design centre; the sixth floor or the terrace is an open cafeteria to enjoy meals. The result is a singular volume space well lit, bringing in energetic and dynamism to the place. 

Laguna Clothing Factory (Architecture)

65kms away from the Bangalore city, a French Shirt making company and an Italian fabric company decide to set up a factory. The design had to be low cost yet represent the world class lineage of the two collaborating companies.  As an onlooker, the ‘Red Box’ gives a striking appearance true to its intent, the idea of which came from the “satire of the event of a French + Italian company choosing to meet in a factory in rural Karnataka.” Although the box holds only 5% of the volume of the building functions, the board room and executive guest house, it is important for “the image” representing the foreign agencies and the remaining building unit representing the host. The design manages to make the workers the face of the factory by playing with the location of the spaces and the three dimension aspect. The entrance of the factory is set low for a non intimidating feel and  spaces like the children’s play area,  medical centre and crèche are located in the front block. The designer makes sure to keep the quality of the space – airy, well lit and ventilated for comfortable work conditions. For clarity of movement, color is used on walls functioning like signage. To allow transparency the edge of the administrative block and the factory, have no walls.

Laguna Clothing Factory won an award by the Economic Times for its holistic functioning which included using minimum amount of energy, recycling its water and not polluting.

Designer : Gaurav Roy Choudhury
Photography :courtesy the architect

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