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Duroplast Furniture Systems Pvt.Ltd.

Business Detail

Duroplast is a largest and growing modular furniture producer in eastern India having state of the art production facility including imported quality wood working machinery. Duroplast is a leading brand in PVC sections/profiles, doors, partition & false ceiling in India since 1995 and now Duroplast is a leading brand in Modular Furniture in India Since 2005. The Concept of modular office furniture has been highly popularized by Duroplast Furniture Systems Pvt.Ltd. Duroplast is an entity of the Duroplast group. The Concept of Modular office Furniture has becomes very popular in recent times. The company is located in one of the prime business hub in Kolkata. Innovation and customization has been taken to a different level by Duroplast in the modular office furniture segment. Duroplast is a well recognized brand which produced modular office furniture like Workstation, Executives Cubicle, Office Partition, Desk, Conference Table, and File Cabinet to meet your everyday business needs. Interior, architects, and consumers face many difficulties in imported furniture and also carpentry work because of prompt delivery, choice of color & size, after sales service etc. whereas we being located in Kolkata aim to minimize such troubles and provide complete satisfaction to Customers. We strive to create a level of excellence in modular furniture segment by offering a fabulous range of furniture to our clients in around India. We are driven by intellect powered by a set of progressive ideas: • Continuous Innovation • Design Implementation • Quality affordability with world class appearance • Our cubicles offer exceptional space utilization. Coupled with the capacity to positively transform the entire atmosphere of your workspace Duroplast brings a remarkable change in the ambience of your work place. Cubicles by Duroplast help in creating an encouraging environment for the professionals working in your office. Please feel free to call on us for any enquiry. We assure you of our best cooperation. Please see our Website- www.duroplastfurniture.com for details. Thanking You Amalesh Roy Sales & Marketing Officer Contact No: 07439452153/09674629940 Email-id:amalesh.roy@duroplastfurniture.com