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HELIX BOOKS & AWARDS 2022-23 - interview with Ar. Roopa Sabnis Pinge

Posted by
TFOD Correspondent
on February 01, 2022 at 08:14 PM

Announcing the launch of Helix Books & Awards. All Indian architects and designers are invited to Sign up & Participate in Helix Books & Awards RISE Series 2022-23, a flagship initiative of Inkbound Publishing Studio.

Helix Books & Awards is now live; with TFOD - The Future Of Design as Media Partner, and Adideas as Content & Promotions Partner.


© Courtesy of Helix Books & Awards

“Covid happened and the world is still reeling; its aftermath has had far-reaching ramifications all around. Everything we knew before the pandemic struck us, has ceased to exist.

But where there’s life, there is hope. The pandemic also taught us to use our resources wisely, to make the most of what we have. Inkbound Publishing Studio emerged from that hope; and Helix Books & Awards took shape from that lesson. The core idea of Inkbound was to make books; Helix came up as the flagship idea to make books on design – using existing resources, talent and technology,” says Architect-Author-Editor Roopa Sabnis Pinge, also the Founder of Inkbound Publishing Studio.

“I have always wanted to make books, it’s a lifelong dream. I have been lucky to work on some amazing publications throughout my career; and I will always be grateful for those. But I reached the stage where I got tired of waiting for book proposals to come through… I felt chained in that space. Finally, I decided it was time to break free. I needed to take control,” says Roopa. And on the 25th of December 2020 she envisioned Inkbound – a boutique publishing studio, which would operate like none other! As the idea of a crowdsourced publishing venture took shape, she decided to launch Helix Books & Awards – an initiative targeted for the design fraternity, her own stronghold.

So, here’s announcing the launch of Helix Books & Awards RISE Series 2022-23! The Projects submitted for RISE Series of Books on Homes, Offices and Restaurants will be rated on the criteria of Responsibility, Innovation, Sustainability and Exploration.

Helix Books & Awards also boasts of a 100% virtual process! From the first step of designers submitting projects to the final step of the jury members scoring the entries - every step is online! And the books will also be primarily sold online! 

Helix Books & Awards RISE Series invites designers to participate and submit their projects in three proposed Books - Homes, Offices and Restaurants. Each Book Title has three categories; and after choosing the Book Title for participation, designers can submit up to 6 Projects – in any or all of the 3 categories.

A jury will select the top 50 who will feature in the books, and will be automatically nominated for the Awards. The jury members will be picked up from the global design fraternity and will include architects, urban designers, artists, academicians and authors-editors. The jury of RISE series 2022-23 includes Ar. Rohini Mani, Ar. Harshad Bhatia, Architect-Artist Arzan Khambatta, and Design Editor Ms. Maria Louis. The Founder of Inkbound Publishing Studio, Ar. Roopa Sabnis Pinge will be the Anchor of the Jury and the Curator of the Books.

With 27 years of experience in the field of design journalism behind her, Roopa feels ready to take on this new challenge. "The books have already taken shape in my mind’s eye; I know exactly how the text will flow, and the type of content I need to generate. Of course the projects and designers included in the books will determine the final outcome, but once the jury members give their verdict, I hope to be able to compile the books really quickly,” she smiles.

Helix Books & Awards is now live; and this Cycle of 2022-23 is open to Indian designers only. Early Bird participation started on 31st January 2022, will be open till 10th March 2022; and Basic participation will remain open till 10th May 2022.

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