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Luxury Duplex Villa Bungalow

An entrance always gives visitors their first impression to the home interior or design. This spectacular estate blends clean, white walls with warm lighting, exotic hardwoods, leading itself to a front door that is both regal and welcoming. This entry door is made of heavy teak wood with block designs in geometric pattern and to match the overall look in the adjacent wall we have replicated the block design of the door with curved wooden blocks and full marble wall and a welcoming nameplate of our homeowner. There is a saying that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover—but in many cases, we think it's fair to judge a home by its foyer. Whether it's a grand house or a tiny apartment with a nook by the door, your home's entry is the first thing visitors see when they step inside your house and the sight that welcomes you home every day. Hence creating a high-dramatic entrance to this luxuriously designed home with glass partition planned in a semi-circular pattern that gives a motion of space movement and direction also the marble inlayed flooring made with a combination of the red travertine on golden spider marble creates a magnificent outlook to this entire property. The best part of this house is the informal bar cum den area which doubles upto a media room with the L shaped leather recliners creating a cozy environment to the circular bar counter and the grand polo table all in all bringing together so much glamour especially the ring of led light all around the counter

Kitchen Area, Dining Table

Kitchen Area, Dining Table


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