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TFOD - Proud Online Partners of TRENDS AWARDS

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on October 18, 2014 at 06:54 PM

The Future Of Design - www.tfod.in invites all architects and designers to participate in Trends Awards 2014!! This second edition of Trends Awards 2014 promises to be a mega-success - as the first edition itself was very well-received by the industry! What's more - TFOD - TRENDS have also tied up for a Lucky Draw - with 50 new registrations on TFOD being eligible to win annual subscriptions of the much sought-after design magazine of India!! 

© Courtesy of The Future Of Design - TFOD

The Future Of Design

TFOD believes that India, with its rich legacy of art and design is now also at the forefront in art, architecture and design; across the world. With increased exposure and accessibility, Indian designers today are shining on international circuits and winning global acclaim with their trendsetting designs. A lot of designers are seen participating in international competitions and winning awards!

The Indian design aesthetic is seen widely manifesting itself in international products and spaces. Over the past decade, the spectrum of design and décor is coming forth as a single entity – with blurry lines demarcating cultural boundaries. What could earlier be classified as ‘eclectic’ or ‘fusion’ style will evolve as the global design language – is TFOD’s projection for the future!!


Trends, being India’s leading magazine from the design segment, started Awards last year. Now announcing the second edition of the Awards, TFOD invites and encourages active participation from the art and design fraternity. The significance of participation is higher than winning – due to the simple reason that it allows each designer to get exposed to the best work happening in the country. The benchmarks for personal growth thereby are also set higher.

Instated in 2013 by Home & Design TRENDS magazine, the TRENDS Excellence Awards for Architecture & Design aim to acclaim the utmost level of creativity, innovation, originality, and inspiring practices in the field of Indian architecture, interiors, and design.

Entries open on 15th November 2014. www.trendsawards.in is the official website of Trends Awards - designed to help participants submit an eligible entry. Entries that do not comply with all the entry requirements will be declared ineligible for judging.


As Online Partner of Trends Awards, TFOD invites architects and designers - from all over the country, to submit their entries for Trends Awards! In parallel, TFOD invites architects and designers to create a Profile (T&C apply) on TFOD and automatically qualify for participation in a Lucky Draw - with 50 Annual Subscriptions of Trends magazine - up for grabs!!!

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