“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform” – Diane Mariechild. A group of women artists came together to display their talent, the power of their creativity. And thus was born Kalanubhuti!

An exhibition of women artists – from the 21st to the 23rd of November 2014 – in Thane, brings across some fresh and interesting work in varied styles, subjects, mediums and materials. 

One of TFOD’s early and extremely loyal patrons, the very talented, self-taught artist Madhurie Pandit is also among the exhibiting artists! Armed with varied degrees in science, engineering and business Madhurie is an artist by choice and her exploits with art are truly commendable. Her pencil/charcoal sketches brush shoulders with her contemporary interpretations of Warli art; and both explicitly showcase her immense talent. 

The Future Of Design supports and encourages artists and artisans; to become a part of the Design fraternity. This effort to create a cohesive and unifying platform for art and design will succeed as more and more designers and artists come on board. This virtual exhibition space on The Future Of Design opens up multiple opportunities for all.

One of TFOD’s most prolific artists, Madhurie Pandit is one of the ideal TFODians! Her perfectly written profile and regularly updated project images with appropriate labeling and categorization – can set an example to all artists and designers. This is what we had set out to achieve in TFOD – a space where you get immense flexibility to showcase your talent and yet crafted meticulously enough, keeping in mind the varied user-searches, keywords and parameters!

It is indeed gratifying to see art and design professionals exploring and enjoying the virtual and interactive forum - www.tfod.in - The Future Of Design; with a global outreach!