DIS. Architecture is the theme for this year’s 361° Design Conference. Discourse entails intuition (hypothesis), analysis and establishment of syntax (structure). The evolution of architecture and architectural pedagogy builds on the works of others. Appraisals, refutations, criticism, judgements, comparisons, reflections, reviews and confrontations are all types of tests. The conference will attempt to initiate a discourse on the methods of critical appraisal between eminent architects and critics.

With a careful selection of speakers, the panel of lecturers comprises of 14 national and international Architects and Designers. Having renowned practices in various diverse contexts, these professionals will participate in a thought-exchange program chronicling a multitude of ideas and innovations that have had significant impacts on our habitats.

From an international icon such as Massimiliano Fuksas, to a National legend like Ashish Ganju, the 361° Design Conference is the most relevant platform for discussion and discourse on the developing approaches of architecture and design. Showcasing presentations and discussions with some of India’s oldest and most established personnel in this field, this annual conference will be hosting the much celebrated Sheila Sri Prakash and Prem Chandravarkar this year. Giving rise to reciprocity of various schools of thought, the organisation strives to put together a cohesive panel of speakers and connect the various disciplines of design by offering dialogue opportunities across essential themes. Award winning global architects, like Dr. Singh Intrachooto and Racheal Neeson have also been confirmed as participants in this year’s discourse.

The Future of Design (TFOD) has a common vision with the 361° Design Organisation, when it comes to spreading the concept of good design through all strata of society. With this parallel thought process, the collaboration seeks to inspire a truly relevant discussion on architecture and to create a forum for influential practices all over the world.

As an eclectic, thought-provoking and egalitarian platform, 361° in its eighth edition will continue to celebrate the power of thoughts and ideas and initiate an invigoratingly interesting dialogue on architecture and design. 

The Event will be held on March 3-5, 2015 at the Nehru Centre, Mumbai. For Registration and details, log on to: www.361degrees.net.in