Collaborations are interesting; particularly fascinating being the ones where design ideologies have to form a synergetic association. The creative orientation and aesthetic preferences of the two parties involved in the collaboration need not be extremely similar – but must necessarily “gel”. 

A collaboration between two design studios from different countries over a single project is common; either because it is usually mandatory to have a local designer involved; or for the convenience it lends to the external designer. Alternatively, there are instances of take-overs – where two firms merge and the larger firm runs the joint operations.  However, a rather mind-blowing collaboration has been announced by a very well-established Indian firm Collaborative Architecture; with the internationally renowned studio of J. Mayer H Architects, of Germany – with the two deciding to collaborate on numerous projects in India, China and other selected regions!!

Architecture, at Collaborative, goes beyond the generally prevailing notions of functional contingencies and simplistic approach of problem-solving. Projects fall in a larger scheme of things, transforming them into critical explorations of ideas and visions for the future – often as intuitive, layered palimpsests of logical, irrational, bizarre, poetic, clarified and impossible thoughts.  J. Mayer H Architects focuses on works at the intersection of architecture, communication and new technology. From urban planning schemes and buildings to installation work and products, the designs explore the inter-relationships between the human body, nature and technology.

The synergy generated by the collaboration of two studios with such powerful design ideologies at their core, will have to be seen to be believed!