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Sustainable Sensibilities: iStudio Architecture

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on February 25, 2015 at 06:40 PM

The Brick House, a farmhouse in Wada, resonates the design beliefs of iStudio Architecture, a partnership design firm of architects Shriya Parasrampuria Patil, Prashant Dupare and Amit Patil – batch-mates from Sir J. J. College of Architecture, Mumbai. The originality of design approach and the honest purity of the structure might have contributed to their winning the NDTV Design & Architecture Award 2014 for House Design of the Year- West zone!!

© Courtesy of iStudio Architecture

Architecture has been described as ‘living sculpture’; as an amalgamation of art and science. Architecture is a functional art, it caters to a need. Some examples of architecture appeal more, evoke more emotion and more response than other. Of course, this being a highly subjective issue, extremely diverse genres seem to be just as popular – which means there are as many takers for the hi-tech genre as there are for the organic; as many people like gizmo-embedded spaces as ones with rustic simplicity and charm! Some concepts of design seem to emerge from a deeper understanding not just of the site and the specifications – but of life itself! One such work of architecture – Brick House – has emerged from iStudio Architecture.

iStudio Architecture is the result of a thought, a belief, an idea of architecture and design between the three partners, Shriya Parasrampuria Patil, Prashant Dupare and Amit Patil. The differences in their personalities and the similarities in their design beliefs lead to analysis and debate – and ultimately help them to refine their creative output. The philosophy of experimentation and innovation in architectural design, that iStudio has adopted, has recently seen more futuristic interpretations; with audacious structural designs passed off under the label of innovation. iStudio, however, strives to respond to each project contextually and responsibly. With each of the three partners having a background of traditional/alternative technologies and materials, the architecture they produce is rooted in the local context, yet manifests a contemporary spirit in its interpretation. 

An opportunity to create exactly the type of design solutions they believe in, came up with a farmhouse proposal in Wada, near Mumbai. Responding to the climate, responsive to the context and responsible in the material and methodology of its construction – the 2500 sq ft “organic” structure uses local materials and traditional technologies such as brick jaalis and filler slabs as passive cooling techniques – thereby emerging as a sustainable design, and also considerably reducing the cost of construction. The first visual impression is that of a huge fish swishing its tail on the rising and crashing waves of the sea, and the rawness of the structure leaves a strong impact. The structure emerges from the ground and gently rises towards the sky, seamlessly flowing from inside and out; and following curved dips and peaks.

On approaching closer to the structure, the curved brick jaali offers tantalizing views of the interior – with its dramatic compositions of light and shade. Inside, the cool ambience and soft light soothes the senses. The interior space is dominated by two huge arches of brick and stone, which offer wonderful views of the farms and hills beyond. The built-in furniture seems to rise and fall from the walls, or the floor – getting a visual identity primarily through an interplay of materials. The positioning and sizes of the openings are dictated by the principles of climatology, to ensure natural light, cross ventilation and passive cooling.  




Designer : iStudio Architecture, Mumbai
Photography :Courtesy the architects

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