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15 Amazing Garden Seats: on TFOD & beyond

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on April 06, 2015 at 01:37 PM

Furniture design is an inexhaustive minefield of ideas which appear as easy to implement as they are ingenious. We never tire of redoing homes to give them a new look and feel, leading us to look for new designs and ideas in furniture. Our immediate outdoors, too, demand our frequent attention. Our gardens, patios, terraces, balconies, courtyards, aangans, porches need intermittent refurbishing and rejuvenation - of course, if our homes are blessed with such outdoor living extensions. With the rising popularity of second homes, however, the demand for outdoor furniture has grown manifold. The markets recognize this need and are aflush with furniture designed for the outdoors like benches, tree-seats, picnic benches, swings, deck chairs, loungers, etc varying from ‘Do-It-Yourself’ to pre-fabricated and made on site concrete, plastic, wrought iron and wood pieces. We browse through some amazingly simple but wonderful garden seating ideas thrown up by 40 clicks on the internet. Find more garden seating ideas on TFOD in the Profiles of Gayathri and Namith Architects, Dipen Gada, Planet 3 Studio, istudio architecture, Hafeez Contractor, Salil Randive, Gaurav Roy Chaudhury, Collective Project, Suvarna Sathe, Ketan Jawdekar and others. Also a few interesting Products on TFOD are: Advent International, Wonderweave, Karara MujassmeSthetix in Stone etc.

© Courtesy of Advent International on TFOD (Image 1)

Minimal and sophisticated: image 2

This uncluttered white marble beauty is set in a well manicured landscape. As the high marble clad backing intersperses with the wall of green created by climbers, the picture created is one of magical sophistication.

Romancing the wild: image 3

A restful lounge for lovers of nature, this is a veritable tree house with a splash of colourful cushions, bed and a hammock thrown in too.

Minimal and natural: image 4

Finely cut in mindfully varied heights and placed among grasses and colourful sprigs, these stone seats seem to emerge from a fairytale or pixie land.

Grassy Tree Seat: image 5

A tree seat made by weaving twines and twigs topped by a grassy mound is a quaint but natural garden seat. 

Deck around Trees: image 6, 7

This seat is a simple deck of mounted slats built around a group of trees, large enough to accommodate a group. Colourful cushions add to the warmth. The first one is enhanced by pots with colourful flowering plants. The second picture has a deck which is slightly raised at the head to give support in a half-sitting position.


Colourful Hanging Basket: image 8

A riot of colour, this basket seat is made by weaving multiple coloured threads around the iron frame with colourful cushions thrown in too!! What’s more, it seats two!!

Do-It-Yourself: image 9, 10

Metallic barrels cut into shapes of single and double seaters surely seem a fabulous recycling idea. The bright red paint, rubber finishing for the cut edges and zebra print cushions make it a cheerful ensemble. Though rubber tyres reused as seats are not a really new idea, the manner in which they are used here is worth a second look. Painted in pretty pastels and topped with cushions, they surely make a cute eyeful. The coordinated tyre flower beds and wall-hangers add up to create an easy-to-assemble, cheerful and welcoming garden.

Reading Nook: image 11

This is a cosy cove made from wooden slats having a creeper laden pergola roof. With a cushy couch with bright cushions and drapes, a quaint lantern and a mirror added in, this is the ideal garden nook to spend entire days in natural luxury in no company other than your favourite books.  

Luxury in a basket: image 12

This one is a basket seat, but with a difference. Instead of being suspended it is an oblong basket placed on the ground with a very comfortable bed and cushions. Set against the Japanese style dry landscaping shown in the picture, it exudes sophisticated luxury

Triple Decker: image 13

This awesome multi-storeyed idea for a small garden space scores high on the parameter of space itself. Three staggered decks placed one above the other overlooking a pool are uber luxurious, accommodating couches and cushions for extra comfort.


Innovative street furniture: image 14

The snow white road has a snow white kerb which simply sends out intermittent and asymmetrical projections onto the road, inviting passers by to sit and take a cool break!


Seating-scape: image 15

This in-campus outdoor seating, which stretches along the length of the internal road, doubles up as the partition between road and garden. The prefabricated concrete structure morphs along its length into a variety of seating types.

Visual Permeability Pavilion: image 16

The purpose of this outdoor seating pavilion is to provide multiple spaces for relaxation, contemplation, and social interaction. The spaces are broken into two, providing one private setting for two people and one for four people to chat or drink. The angling of the wooden slats has been designed in a way that creates a gradient of visual permeability. The form has been derived from one continuous strip that wraps around itself, while touching the ground in minimal locations. The density of the slats varies; with the densest zones designated for walking and sitting, the medium zones for backrests, and the lightest for shading. Indeed a path-breaking option for outdoor living!

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