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Hafele - TFOD Profile Of The Week

Posted by
on April 02, 2015 at 05:05 PM

An all-new exciting development is a co-branding tie-up with Hafele, on a hugely successful and popular initiative TFOD Profile Of The Week! Starting this week, the first Hafele – TFOD Profile Of The Week is Ar. Rajesh Patel – one of the most well-respected figures on the Indian architecture and interior design scene. 

© Courtesy of Ar. Rajesh patel - Luxury Residence in Calicut

Closely following the work of Architect Rajesh Patel for close to 20 years, I can claim that every project of his surprises me. An absolutely puritanical design ideology; minus the frills and trills of new-age pop-architecture, manifests strongly in his work. And still, it never gets boring or repetitive; because staying firm to a purist philosophy doesn’t imply shortchanging on innovation or experimentation!

Pics: 2, 3. SEW EPL Office Interior

There is in fact, a lot of experimenting happening across all project types. If in the head office of a company involved in the electrical/plumbing/integrated building management business, he explored the concept of exposed service-lines and ducts; in another for a film-producer, he used a seamless steel structure emulating a film-roll! Deriving such concepts from the nature of the business conducted in the establishment, he still retains the staid sophistication inherent to his style. 

Pics: 4, 5, 6, 7. Projects for S. P. Jain Global Management

Ar. Rajesh Patel’s work in the institutional sector is also impressive – with a battery of S. P. Jain’s Global Management Centres – all over the world, in his portfolio! The interior of their first international school housed in a commercial complex in Dubai, the heritage restoration and interior and extension work of their Singapore facility, and the entire design for their most recent Sydney initiative – are all excellent examples of challenges well-met. 

Pic: 1, 8,9. Residential Interiors

In the Residential sector too, the architect has some remarkable projects to his credit – in many cities and towns of India. While there are some exclusively interior projects such as the sprawling bungalow in Calicut, or the Singhania Bungalow, he has done numerous comprehensive architecture + interior projects. 

Pic: 10,11, 12. Minimalism in Panchgani

His exploration of the minimalist genre on the edge of a hill in Panchgani, overlooking the lake, is a fine example of listening to the spirit of the site; and creating architecture + interior that succumbs to nature. 

Pic: 13, 14, 15. Luxurious Living in Pavana

In a similarly spectacular location in Pavana, the architect has created a stunningly glamorous and indulgent bungalow.

Pic: 16. Ar. Rajesh Patel

With such multifarious contributions to the field of architecture and interior designing, we choose Ar. Rajesh Patel to be the first Hafele – TFOD Profile Of The Week!!!

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