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Hafele-TFOD Profile Of The Week: Ar. Vivek Gopinathan

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on April 09, 2015 at 04:46 PM

Young and dynamic, Vivek Gopinathan graduated as an Architect from the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, in the summer of 2014. Besides this, Vivek is also a fine writer – and a freelance contributor to many design magazines. Showcasing on TFOD some of his best college projects, Vivek has since moved to Bangalore, where he has got an opportunity to pursue his passion for alternative design options, with Sathya Consultants.

© Courtesy of Vivek Gopinathan - College Work!

Meet Vivek Gopinathan - our new Profile Of The Week! Since July 2014, Vivek is working as a Job Architect at Sathya Consultants, Bangalore, a firm largely involved in sustainable architecture. His tenure at Sathya has given him adequate exposure to the various parameters of sustainability such as using local resources and materials, and designing energy-efficient structures using traditional technologies. 

Being involved in about 10 projects so far, Vivek has got a great hands-on learning experience about the intricacies of handling a project, right from the point of client briefings, discussions and concept development, to scrutinizing structural drawings and estimates, and finally on-site supervision. 

Vivek's Dissertation was also an interesting one, of Mumbai ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminus) - a proposal that encompassed a wide range of design issues - from macro to micro level. An urban planning exercise, the proposal includes a study of traffic management systems, parking facilities, and even related amenities such as hotels and food-courts!

As far his work experience is concerned, Vivek is extremely satisfied with the exposure he is getting at Sathya Consultants - working on houses, offices and even a not-so-common project of a religious structure! “Every project I have been and am working on, is teaching me more and more about the intricacies of built environment and how all of it comes together to produce successful architecture. I have been exposed to a varied range of design related problems and solutions.  It has taken away my fear to commit, lest I make mistakes; and has been teaching me that with the complicated coordination that a project requires, mistakes are inevitable; but what is vital is to spot them at the right juncture and find reasonable solutions to them’, says the young architect – proud and honoured to be selected as the Hafele – TFOD Profile Of The Week!

Designer : Ar. Vivek Gopinathan
Photography :N/A

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