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Hafele TFOD Profile Of The Week: Sameer Chawda

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on April 23, 2015 at 04:24 PM

Photographer Sameer Chawda bags this week’s HAFELE - TFOD Profile Of The Week! With Architecture and Interior Photography as the mainstay of his career, and an experience of two decades – Sameer is undoubtedly among the biggest names in the business. His client list is spread across the country, and his repertoire of work also extends into portraits, food, fashion, still life, travel and wildlife! Some incredible images have emerged from his latest foray into the world of abstract photography – experimenting with light and shutter speed – and with the female nude as the subject. A dear friend and also one of the earliest TFOD patrons, Sameer has been a constant source of support - since before we even went live!  What’s more – we even made his personal website – www.sameerchawda.com

© Courtesy of Ar. Nuru Karim - an intriguing interior space

Ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes people in a work of architecture or design? The designer, rightfully at the centre-stage of things, hogs the limelight. But just like a movie, or a song; where the equally creative and talented people working back-stage (such as the director or set designer, the music composer or lyricist) do not get as much credit or glory as the actors performing on the screen, or the voices that lend themselves to the rendition – in a work of architecture/design too, the people “allied” with a project rarely get their due! 


Allied Consultants on TFOD

It is for this very reason, that The Future Of Design was conceived to shape up as an all-encompassing space, and made with the vision to create an online, global community of art and design. To “include” each and every person associated with the trade – in small ways or big; before the concept is formed, or after the project is completed; to complete the circle of design! So we have, on TFOD, artists and artisans3D rendering professionals, photographers and writersrestoration specialists and Vastu consultantsplumbing contractors and landscape designersmanufacturers and distributors of products and materials, and also students -  and of course, the end-users!

The expanse of Sameer's repertoire - clients and locations!

How would we appreciate the work of say, Nuru Karim (Mumbai - Image:1), or Supraja Rao (Hyderabad), or Rupande Shah (Kolkata - Image: 11), or Ajay Kataria (Bhopal) – if not for those breathtakingly beautiful images that get published in all the glossies and all over social media?? There is not a doubt about the architects’ expertise; but it is the photographer who induces the ‘wow’ factor into each image he clicks!! With technical understanding of play of light and shade and viewing perspectives,  the photographer must also have a feel of the space, the materials, textures and colours too! The ravishing shots of Rokeby Manor in Mussoorie (Image:6 - for the Narangs) and the Mayfair Banquets in Bhubaneshwar (Fountainhead Architects) are some of the highlights in his portfolio of Hospitality interiors; along with umpteen projects from the hospitality specialist studios of Aamir & Hameeda Sharma (Hyderabad) and Designers Group (Mumbai). The snippets from his work in the hospitality sector even got him invited to Africa to shoot a hotel – Nyali International – for Bollywood celebrity Kim Sharma! Sameer's shots have been selected to adorn our previous TFOD Profiles Of The Week too;  such as Ar. Rajesh Patel (Image:3) and Ar. Ketan Jawdekar (Image: 4)!

People, Fashion, Food & More

“Over the years I have been commissioned work by prestigious design magazines too, and my shots have adorned the cover pages of several leading publications (Image: 10 - educational institution for Ar. Abin Chaudhuri). My work has taken me to fabulous destinations and I have met some very interesting and inspiring people in my journey so far…” says the versatile photographer. “I enjoy travel, wildlife and lifestyle, food, fashion and product photography, too. People, faces particularly, are the most challenging to capture; with the multitude of expressions and unique mannerisms of each individual”. Seen here in Image: 5 - Ar. Kamal Malik with son Arjun and Image: 6 - Ar. Brinda Somaya with daughter Nandini - these are a few truly well-captured moments!

Abstract Art - Nudes!

The journey has now extended into the realm of the abstract – and the series of nudes he displays here – see him explore a whole new genre. It is the perfect timing of the shots that make them special. The moment and the movement – against the white background, with the right lighting, and of course, his control over the camera – have all collaboratively translated into splendid works of art!

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