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Hafele TFOD Profile Of The Week: Dipen Gada

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on April 29, 2015 at 05:50 PM

With a stupendous 136 images on TFOD, and frequent updates to the Profile, Dipen Gada is our new HAFELE - TFOD Profile Of The Week! His latest retail project, the 35000 sq ft Mukt Jewellers, is one of the largest jewelry showrooms in Asia!  His work has been published in several leading Indian magazines and going with the new-age trends, DGA has built up a strong online presence as well. The Future Of Design endorses the work of multifaceted, maverick designer.

© Courtesy of Dipen Gada, photography by Tejas Shah

"The Sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building" – a famous Louis Kahn quote reverberates in the mind when you see the recent work from the portals of Dipen Gada & Associates! Experiments with the quality of sunlight streaming into indoor spaces, breathes magic into them; rendering different visual and sensory experiences at different times of the day! Much in sync with the climate and context of each project, Dipen’s work has an innately responsible outlook and a highly sensitized response to the spirit of the place – the primary factors that elevate his work from the realm of the banal into the extraordinary.

Images: 3, 4, 5 - Mukt Jewellers; 6, 7, 8 - More Retail Spaces

A Civil Engineering graduate from the M. S. University of Baroda, Dipen Gada followed his heart and passion – and is today a big name in the world of interior architecture! Dipen’s special brand of innovative and timeless contemporary design has won him many prestigious awards and accolades. “My design language ranges from high-end contemporary to minimalist. I believe in the purity of design form by achieving a balance between aesthetics and functionality.” 

Images: 9, 10 - Hospitality Interiors

Dipen Gada and Associates began as a very modest interior design firm in 1993.  Gradually DGA evolved from an exclusive interior design firm to a civil and architectural planning studio. Today, it is not only one of the most respected names in Vadodara, but has gained a fine reputation across India. His repertoire includes besides a vast body of work in the residential sector, some amazing work in retail and hospitality sectors as well. 

Views on Sustainability

The present design scene is inundated with the concept of sustainability. In response, Dipen says he totally agrees with Franklin Roosevelt –“A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.” He adds, “We incorporate sustainability at concept level, so that the design itself consumes less energy. However, the idea and implications of sustainability should be promoted to change people’s lifestyles to reduce their carbon footprint. The responsibility does not end at using higher star-rated gadgets like air-conditioners – it extends to their usage and maintenance too… ”

Images: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 - Various Residences

Over the years, Dipen Gada has honed a signature style of his own. Blending Indian earthiness into a primarily contemporary international design expression, he instills a unique character in the space. Taking cognizance of the climate, natural light and wind direction, elicits a refined response to the site and the clients’ brief. His preference for natural stones (particularly Kotah) and exposed cement, lily-ponds and skylights – manifests in project after project, each time redefining and reinventing itself, according to the specific dynamics of the space.

Image: 16. Hafele TFOD Profile Of The Week

The Future Of Design celebrates the versatile designer’s style and philosophy, as much as his reassuring presence on the portal, and recurring Profile Updates!


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