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Hafele-TFOD Profile Of The Week: Samraat Manchekar, Stalwart Project Management Consultancy

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on May 21, 2015 at 04:59 PM

The Future Of Design is a massive professional networking portal that is an inclusive platform connecting the art, architecture and design. Certainly the role of a Project Management Consultancy (better known as PMC) is now integral to the building industry. TFOD also provides a stimulating and interactive platform for discussing all aspects of design. The first PMC to come on board is Mumbai-based Stalwart Project Management. This week, the title of TFOD Profile Of The Week goes to Samraat Manchekar – for being the first PMC on TFOD! The Stalwart Profile boasts of a multitude of clients from varied sectors, such as corporate, hospitality and institutional.


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Boutique Consultancies can be best defined as businesses that assess their services in terms of the volumes of projects that can be successfully managed. These consultancies offer 360º Consultancy services much like their large counterparts. However, they maintain a stringent QC norm and ensure crisp services. These agencies show a high skew towards quality projects and lesser inclination towards volume projects.


Stalwart is an independent boutique Project Management Company offering a breadth of solutions tailored to fit clients’ requirements. Their services cover the entire lifecycle of a project; successfully executed through the wide-ranging skills of their personnel. The company prides itself in selecting client assignments in their chosen domains, and delivering a 100% satisfaction ratio. The Stalwart work ethos encompasses multiple stakeholder environments and their transparent, collaborative and co-operative approach ensures everyone works together to meet the client’s objectives. They provide clients with independent verification, safety compliance, programming, and planning, cost management and on-site construction management with supplementary ideas throughout the project cycle, assuring perfection in project construction management.

A focus on providing innovative, scalable and dependable Project Management solutions, with innovation as the underlying fabric, binds progress with success. The main areas of Stalwart’s expertise are as follows:

Project Management

Project Management combines all their capabilities into one delivery strategy. Understanding clients’ objectives, strategic goals, budget, and delivery milestones, with a fine-tuned strategy that minimizes risks; Stalwart has developed structured yet flexible best practice management systems to meet clients’ strategic, management and financial goals.

Construction Management

Stalwart manages each element on the project for fitting out everything from high-end corporate headquarters to mission critical data centers. Leading the way during construction stage, and ensuring quality of works and safety for on-site personnel; Stalwart provides skilled and experienced resources to manage onsite construction, ensuring compliance to cost, time, quality and safety parameters.

Client Representation

Stalwart actively understand specific requirements of clients, their organizational culture, their operations and objectives. Seeking the best value in design and construction, the implications of a change in the scope of works, the objections of stakeholders, Stalwart interacts between all involved in the project and gather the information clients need to make the best decisions. With adequate groundwork, Stalwart is perfectly placed to represent the best interests of the client in every phase of a project or situation that arises.

Programme Management

Stalwart can lead by dynamic planning, organizing, directing, integrating and controlling various resources on your multiple projects to ensure overall governance on schedule, budget and quality elements of the assignment. Identifying cross-project dependencies to provide sufficient insight of the risks, issues, requirements and solutions, Stalwart helps achieve overall program goals with continuous assessment of performance and development.

Cost Management

Stalwart ensures identification of all parameters to estimate robust costs at feasibility and incorporations of costs for phasing with thorough understanding of client’s financial protocols and requirements. Identifies commercial risks associated on the project and mitigates with transparent contingencies on cost plans. The whole tendering process is managed, from preparing the tender documentation suiting local laws and negotiating contracts with successful suppliers, consultants and contractors. Strict change order management procedures and onsite physical verification of measurements ensure certainty of out-turn costs with controlled cost management and real-time cost reporting, on demand.

Distressed Project Recovery

At times when the quality is unacceptable, or the schedule is beyond control, or if the budget has been overshot, or for any disputable issues, Stalwart audits the project, provide advisory services, joins the team to resolve disputes or takes over completely - for a successful project recovery.

The Future Of Design welcomes this PMC’s initiative of showcasing its expertise on a forum dedicated to the art, architecture and design community! Hope to see more from them, in times to come!

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