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Hafele-TFOD Profile Of The Week: Studio TAB

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on July 02, 2015 at 11:28 AM

With a whopping 120 images on The Future Of Design, Studio TAB bags the Hafele TFOD Profile Of The Week! The dynamic duo of Rahul Menon and Ojas Chaudhuri set up the partnership firm Studio The Architectural Break (T.A.B) with a view to enable a “breakthrough in creativity and to break free from stereotypes”! Based out of Mumbai and with a branch office in Kashmir, Studio TAB is one of the most creative young firms on TFOD! With a belief in design as ‘a highly responsive and creative medium, which responds to site, people, and nature; and combines art with intelligence’ – the young practice holds the promise of great success!

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Driven by the passion to change the common perception of design amongst people, Rahul Menon and Ojas Chaudhuri got together to form Studio TAB. With its foundation in the principles of sustainability and humane habitats the firm aspires to break away from stereotypical contemporary designs. They believe in offering customized design solutions that are both, functionally superior and aesthetically innovative.

Of course, not at all projects and not all clients bring such opportunities for architectural exploration. Most often, a good idea gets buried under layers of bureaucratic compulsions and financial constraints! However, studio TAB’s portfolio does reflect a breaking free from norms. There is a strong attempt to shift the axis of design thinking in a way that brings a fresh and creative feel to the décor. Like the ceiling design of a saree shop has an artistic interpretation of soft, flowing fabric - and that single element adds a mesmerizing touch to entire space! 

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This kind of experimentation however is always likely to cross the line of restraint and the décor could end up looking kitschy! But the design team at Studio TAB is well aware of the risks and knows where to draw the line. Whether in the sector of retail, wellness, residential or mass housing, Studio TAB has consistently offered a freshness of approach.

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One such opportunity to display their out-of-the-box design thinking has come up in a uber-luxury apartment scheme at Kerala! Called Senses Sea Suites, this 24 storey apartment tower is located on the Cannanore beach with coconut lagoons all around. Studio TAB has proposed a path-breaking design where each of the 42 apartments, functions like an independent villa! With the breathtaking views all around, the owner gets the advantages of being in an apartment block, and the privacy and style of an independent villa!

Sensitivity to site, climate, context, space utilization, respecting users’ requirements and delivering solutions that go beyond the functional and enhance the quality of life – seems to be the mantra for Studio TAB! Overall, their philosophy of "innovative and environment-responsive designs that break the common perceptions associated with a building” seems to be their path to excellence.

We, at The Future Of Design, congratulate Studio TAB for an excellent participation on the portal and wish the firm much luck and success in the times ahead! 

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