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Hafele-TFOD Profile Of The Week: Puran Kumar Architects, Mumbai

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on July 30, 2015 at 03:50 PM

An IIT Roorkee alumnus, Ar. Puran Kumar has a sustaining philosophy of design that underlines his aesthetic understanding. His design sensibilities manifest themselves in the entire repertoire of projects that the studio handles. Meticulous and articulate in all he does, the Profile created by Puran Kumar on TFOD, is by far the most informative and thoughtfully posted one – with beautiful images, appropriately labeled and captioned; accompanied by a well-worded biography with every single field of information duly filled!! The PKA portfolio on display thus not only bags this week’s Hafele TFOD Profile Of The Week, but has been unanimously voted as the Best Profile on TFOD, so far! 

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Established in 1993, Puran Kumar Architects (PKA) is a Mumbai-based design firm offering services in Architecture, Interior Design & Project Management. Setting high standards in design, PKA specializes in Corporate Office design and has done extensive work for Multinational Companies. The firm's clientele comprises of International Banks, Financial Institutions, News Bureaus, International Law Firms, Shipping Companies, Healthcare MNC's and Communications & Media Companies. 

However, PKA’s work in the residential sector is breathtaking; with selectively accepted and exclusive projects under their banner. The homes are architectural masterpieces – each one judiciously designed and meticulously detailed to suit the personality and lifestyle of the clients. Even in apartment interiors, PKA grasps the pulse of the project, with a complete understanding of the needs of its' occupants - and delivers breathtaking interior spaces that reinvent concepts in apartment living!

Puran’s design style reflects an innate understanding of and sensitivity to human needs, nature, material and technology. Intuitive and responsive to specific user needs and aspirations, Puran believes in uncomplicated design expressions. Veering away from fake and ostentatious applications, Puran supports and practices the use of natural building materials that lend an everlasting appeal to any design. 

From large corporate offices both domestic and multinational to residential projects that range from apartments and bungalows to villas, the PKA portfolio is replete with some very prestigious and wonderful specimens of architecture and interior design - some of which are proudly displayed on The Future Of Design - www.tfod.in.

Pic 1: Russell Reynolds Associates Pic: 5: TA Associates; Pics 6 & 7: Platinum Partners; Pic 8: McDonalds

PKA’s corporate projects breathe the philosophy of the organization; and define the company’s stature and services. If the corporate HQ of a giant MNC like McDonalds effortlessly blends fun into the business environment without looking tacky, the Russell Reynolds Associates’ office steals the show with astute and subtle translation of its international stature vis-à-vis the local context. The Boston-based TA Associates’ Mumbai office follows the classical old-world theme similar to all their other offices in the world; while the law firm of Platinum Partners reflects an eclectic blend of international styles.

While Puran’s primary focus is on large corporate projects, the residences he handles – though far and few between – are remarkable; with intelligent space planning and aesthetic designs. Each home has a sense of place to it, a resonating quality that seems to envelop it – and connects nature and architecture in a wondrous matrix of space and time!

We, at The Future Of Design, appreciate the stupendous effort taken by Team PKA - in putting up an IDEAL Profile! It explores the full potential of the digital space we have created for each and every member of the art and design fraternity; and we really hope to see more such well-articulated Profiles that fit our vision for The Future Of Design!

Designer : Puran Kumar Architects, Mumbai
Photography :Courtesy the architect

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