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Hafele-TFOD Profile Of The Week:Photographer Esha Daftari, Bangalore

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on August 06, 2015 at 04:42 PM

Allied Consultant on The Future Of Design – TFOD, Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer Esha Daftari has been selected as the Hafele TFOD Profile Of The Week! The Bangalore-based photographer hails from Baroda, and has studied professional photography at Light and Life Academy, Ooty. The Future Of Design positioned to grow into the single largest web-community of art and design, encourages such budding talent and applauds the amazing pictures showcased by Esha on TFOD!

© Courtesy of Summer Home, Panchgani - for Ar. Rajesh Patel, Mumbai

After a basic degree in graphic designing, Esha Daftari was drawn more towards photography. Graphic designing gave her a keen eye for details and refined her understanding of colour and texture. Studying professional photography at a premier photography school headed by well-known photographer Iqbal Mohammed, helped her hone her latent talent. It gave her an insight into the intricacies of the dynamics between light and space and how a photographer must respond to varied situations. Subsequently, she also trained under an internationally renowned American photographer based in Memphis, USA to understand the advanced techniques of Lighting.

Esha’s professional journey later moved towards specializing in interior and architecture photography. A natural sense of space and visualization, collated with the experience of training under the experts; reflects in all her work! Esha, now based out of Bangalore, has worked on several projects with various architects, interior designers and developers in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Raipur, Chennai, Mysore, Ahmedabad & Vadodara. Prominent names in property development like the Lodha Group, and architects like Rajesh Patel, Nandini Shankar, Karan Grover, Space Matrix and others feature on her client list. 

Even as a hobby-photographer, Esha would study the subject and try to capture the moods with the expressions – a factor she believes is critical in striking a chord with the viewers. This philosophy continued onwards to her life as a professional photographer and empowers her pictures in its own way – gently and subtly encapsulating the spirit of the place, interior or exterior! Her proficiency in capturing the 'essence' of the architect / interior designer's work comes through in her TFOD Portfolio; across the spectrum of spatial design - offices, homes, retail outlets, banks, hotels, resorts, institutional architecture, real estate developments, landscaping, or even furniture and its finer details!

The Future Of Design encourages new talent, in all design and allied fields! It is indeed heartening to see Esha’s willingness to experiment, to bend the rules and explore nuances of photography! We at TFOD, commend the Profile of photographer Esha Daftari and wish her good luck in pursuing her passion!

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