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Hafele-TFOD Profile Of The Week: stARCH Design Spectrum, Vadodara

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on August 27, 2015 at 03:07 PM

Tanuj and Sonali Desai’s studio - stARCH Design Spectrum, has had a wonderful design journey – with a marked evolution at each step. From their previously preferred simplistic, unassuming aesthetic, the designer duo is now seen discovering their flair for more challenging genres – and with much elan!  With a prolific TFOD Profile that reflects these evolving design sensibilities, stARCH bags the Hafele TFOD Profile Of The Week!


© Courtesy of stARCH Design Spectrum, Vadodara

The Vadodara-based stARCH Design Spectrum set foot in the world of professional design practice in 1997. Both the principal architects Sonali and Tanuj completed their architectural training from MM College of Architecture, Pune and followed it up with a degree course in interior design from RMIT, Australia. This formal training in both disciplines imparts a deeper understanding of spaces from inside and out.  Today, though their sensibilities have been refined by the benefit of time and experience, their core philosophy remains intact – ‘give the client a space that primarily satisfies his needs and aspirations; and then takes them beyond their vision’.  It is the holistic integration of their skills in architecture, interior design and landscaping that empowers them to create meaningful and sensitive designs. 

Pic1&4: House of Marigold; Pic5: stARCH studio; Pic8&9: Narula Residence; Pic12&13: ONGC, Dahej; Pic16: Riverina

stARCH – a unique name derived from the names of the co-founders Sonali and Tanuj and the ARCH of architecture; has in its 18-year long journey, explored variegated design opportunities; further explaining the term spectrum in the firm’s name. The stARCH portfolio thus includes unusual projects like specialized ship interiors, product design and set design; besides architecture/interiors of hotels, resorts, institutional buildings, commercial complexes, and residences! Besides the very unusual luxury cruise interior project, and quite a few big banners from the hospitality sector, one of their most prestigious projects is the recently completed House of Marigold - India's first exclusive watch boutique, in Ahmedabad!


Glimpses from Hospitality Projects - Pic 6&7: Luxury cruise interior; Pic10&11: Ramada Goa; Pic14: Kabir Convention & Banquets; Pic15: Hotel Taj, Vadodara

While Sonali draws inspiration from life - people, places, movies and music; Tanuj is deeply indebted to three gurus - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – from whom he has imbibed a philosophy of living; Ar. Karan Grover – whose attitude towards life he admires; and Eric Pereira, a stalwart in hospitality project consultancy – with whom he has had a long and wonderful professional association.


Green design, Tanuj feels is correctly understood by few. While most people just jump on the bandwagon as it is a popular and trendy, Tanuj believes sustainable design is and should be more a way of life, as it was for ancient India.” A successful design is a socially and ecologically responsible one,” he states. “People have forgotten that it is mandatory for architecture to be in compliance with nature.  Therefore it has re-surfaced as a ‘new’ trend. But simple steps like using recyclable building materials, opting for local resources, choosing certified green products, and incorporating elements of nature in design - go a long way. The eco-conscious approach also makes our designs cost-effective.”

Sonali attributes their success to the fact that they have no pre-conceived notions about design. “Every space requires a different design aesthetic. Besides the clients’ own vision, the site itself dictates the language of the design. We look at each project as an integration of architecture, interior design and landscape; and try to imbibe local arts and crafts in our designs - as that helps to connect the structure with its ambience and vice versa.”


The stARCH Profile on The Future Of Design is an interesting one – splattered as it is, with projects from the varied genres the studio has dabbled in. We wish the dynamic designers Sonali and Tanuj more success, in the years ahead! 

Designer : stARCH Design Spectrum, Vadodara
Photography :Courtesy the architects

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