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Hafele-TFOD Profile Of The Week: KNS Architects Private Limited, Mumbai

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on September 03, 2015 at 09:05 PM

Architects Kanhai Gandhi, Neemesh Shah & Shresht Kashyap, batch-mates at college (Academy of Architecture, Mumbai), set up KNS Architects in 1997 – a design studio that has established itself as a high-end brand – with crisp, cutting-edge styling as their trademark aesthetic. Glamorous, gorgeous, starkly contemporary, internationally appealing spaces with a ‘wow’ factor, is what defines the work of the studio. Besides the stunning projects on display, a well-managed Profile on The Future Of Design earns them brownie points this week – and helps them claim the Hafele TFOD Profile Of The Week!

© Courtesy of KNS Architects Pvt Ltd on TFOD

Over the last two decades, KNS Architects have been steadily growing into a big name in the design fraternity – winning multiple national and international awards, and much acclaim. At the time of changes in economic policies which facilitated the accessibility to international furniture and products, the studio - quick to sense the pulse of the market – was in the forefront of the minimalist trend in India. Riding on the crest of the trend for minimalism for a number of years, the firm had virtually become synonymous with minimalist home décor – white, clutter-free spaces, with minimal accessories and colour accents. Plush veneers rubbed shoulders with polished marble and lavish furnishings sizzled the luxurious spaces! Though each space would have a distinct identity, through hand-picked artifacts and customized art-work – the KNS stamp prevailed.

Pic4: Pub, Pics 5 & 6: Chinese Restaurants in Mumbai & Delhi, Pic8: Retail, Pic 9: Mall

The last few years though have seen the studio making a dramatic, and quite certainly a conscious shift – in terms of the design styles they endorsed. Always having a strong presence in the retail sector of design, the portfolio has now grown to encompass more verticals and is seen exploring newer genres. A funky tone for a pub, a theme-based décor for two outlets of a famous hospitality brand, an industrial look for a showroom for a MNC (seen in pic7) or a divinely elegant, classical Indian scheme for a handicrafts store (seen in Pic1) – are some of the newer, differently packaged renditions from the KNS studio; which exhibit the newer genres they are dabbling with! And once again… the studio has added to its repertoire a stunning ensemble of architectural design and interior schemes, in the currently trending style – an infusion of traditional, classical, local, or cultural nuances on a contemporary canvas. 

Pic10 & 14: Some of the trademark KNS homes, Pic 11, 12, 13: Proposed developments, Pics15 & 16: Office Interiors

Besides the trio’s keen sense of the market, a willingness to adapt and an uncanny knack for executing fine quality design, the success of KNS heavily rests on the clear segregation of the three principals’ roles and responsibilities. 

Ar. Kanhai Gandhi handles the firm’s prestigious clients across India and has worked on a variety of projects ranging from commercial, residential, recreational and hospitality to retail. The diversity of projects has honed his skills from optimum utilization of space to implementation of design bearing in mind the interest and needs of the client. His philosophy is to remain focused on good design practice from inception to completion in all aspects such as design development, detailing and on-site execution.

Ar. Neemesh Shah has spearheaded several key projects in different spectrums of design; including the high-end residential and commercial interiors that the firm is acclaimed for. He believes in experimental designs and excellence in quality of products, to create memorable user-experiences.

Ar. Shresht Kashyap is the firm’s multi-tasker. The primary face of their retail vertical, he is also involved in master-planning of large projects with residential/mixed-use developments. Kashyap expounds a collaborative design process that seeks to integrate innovation and functionality with aesthetics, to generate an economical design.

And then there’s the team! The KNS team includes young and enterprising people sharing the same dream and vision - associates, senior designers, site coordinators as well as project managers. The in-house consultants from the fields of HVAC, Electrical, Structural, Landscaping, Networking, Security, Glazing, and even agencies to facilitate Municipal Permissions – provide comprehensive solutions to all projects, thereby making the process cost-effective and enabling timely completion.

The wonderful blend of sense and sensibility, pride and passion, acceptance and adaptability, and flair and flexibility; augmented by the persistent effort to build up a “brand” has helped the studio achieve a lofty benchmark in the field of Indian architecture and interior design.


We, at The Future Of Design, celebrate the KNS brand of trend-blazing stylistic initiatives and wish to see a lot more such wonderful work from the KNS Studio

Designer : KNS Architects Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Photography :Courtesy the architects

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