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Hafele-TFOD Profile Of The Week: Vinod Mehra & Associates, Mumbai

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on October 15, 2015 at 04:15 PM

The Future Of Design is privileged to see budding talent from across the country. Being a digital medium of networking, the younger lot is more conversant with portals and is seen frequenting TFOD more often. Therefore it is highly gratifying to see the stalwarts on board! Ar. Vinod Mehra of Vinod Mehra & Associates was among the first from the seniors, to create a Profile on TFOD!  A substantial profile, with adequate photos and projects – and lots of updating – Vinod Mehra & Associates claims our Profile Of The Week!!

© Courtesy of Vinod Mehra & Associates, Mumbai

Pic:1. Sun n Sand, Panaji, Goa

Established in 1972, Vinod Mehra & Associates is a Mumbai-based design practice that has earned a reputation for its high standards of planning, design, aesthetics, execution and quality finishing. The firm providing services in architecture and interior design, aims to deliver thoughtful built environments that convey the sense of humanism and purpose, while fulfilling the programmatic requirements of the project. 

Pic: 4. Sun n Sand, Mumbai; Pic: 5. Sun n Sand, Shirdi; Pic: 6. Sun n Sand, Condolim; Pic: 7, Sun n Sand, Colombo

With a portfolio spread out over various cities of India, the design vocabulary is seen evolving and adapting to the context and culture of the project’s location. Deriving just the essence from the context, and retaining an overall contemporary aesthetic, is the design ethos followed by the firm. Intensive collaborations with clients, consultants, vendors, artists and contractors lead to holistic project planning and execution. 

Pic: 8. Housing Scheme; Pic: 9. Bungalow, Pic: 10&11. Random Residences; Pic: 12. Khar Gymkhana, Pic:13. Corporate Office

The studio has a balanced mix of projects from different typologies – corporate, residential and hospitality being primary sectors. Besides some high-end bungalows, the VMA profile also has some stunning work in residential interiors. With an enviable plethora of Sun n Sand properties in the portfolio – comprising hotels/resorts in Mumbai, Shirdi, Panaji (Goa), with another proposed in Condolim (Goa) and a proposed facelift for the Pune property, Vinod Mehra & Associates has an impressive repertoire of work in the luxury/hospitality segment. The studio has also done a luxury hotel in Colombo

Pics: 14&15. Boutiques/ Retail Outlets; Pic: 16. Proposed Management Institute in Nashik

WIth good projects in the retail sector and some interesting upcoming ones in the institutional building category, the VMA Profile is indeed prolific and praiseworthy. The Future Of Design applauds the work done by the studio, and appreciates their frequent visits and updates to their TFOD Profile!

Designer : Ar. Vinod Mehra, Mumbai
Photography :Courtesy the architect

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