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Hafele-TFOD Profile Of The Week: Ar. Meghana Shetty, SM Studio, Mumbai

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on October 29, 2015 at 05:18 PM

With a substantial number of images and a well-detailed profile, Ar. Meghana Shetty, Principal Architect and Co-founder of SM Studio bags the Hafele TFOD Profile Of The Week! It is interesting to see the versatility of design typologies handled by the Mumbai-based studio since its inception. The clarity of design thought manifests itself in all their projects – and reins in the whimsicalities of site and structure, to create sensible and smart spaces.

© Courtesy of Ar. Meghana Shetty, SM Studio, Mumbai

SM Studio is a reputed, multidisciplinary, award winning firm; driven by the passion and commitment to create meaningful designs. Co-founded by Meghana Shetty and Suresh Mistry, the architects bring to each project the cumulative benefit of their comprehensive experience; an in-depth understanding of design processes, costing, project accounting and management. The eclectic portfolio of the studio’s built projects includes architecture, interiors as well as exhibition design. Their work spans across varied sectors such as luxury homes, corporate offices and boutique hotels.

SM Studio provides services and solutions in four verticals – Architecture, Urban Planning, and Interior Design along with Fit-Out Contracting Services. Besides establishing themselves as acclaimed designers, they have successfully provided Design & Build services for a variety of projects for companies such as ICICI, ARCIL, and Mumbai Port Headquarters. 

Pics: 1, 4. Office Spaces; Pics: 5-7. Exhibition Stall Design; Pics: 8&9. Boutique Hotel; Pic: 10. Apartment Block

The USP of the firm is their intense programing to advocate solutions that are intuitive yet flexible, environmentally sensitive, and quality-defined, while conforming to codes. This, they believe, is an approach that has risen out of their philosophy: to optimize utility and economic returns, with their design expertise. In developing markets such as India, SM Studio understands that the requirements of big corporations are complex and addresses their solutions to ensure that quality facilities are delivered in a time-bound project management program.

Pics: 11- 13. Serviced Apartment; 14-16. Luxury Home Interiors

Astute selection of materials is a highlight of the studio’s designs – with materials like stone, wood and metal adapted to contemporary uses and styling. Of course, textural variations in fabrics and claddings, creative mix of colours and well-planned lighting further enhance the ambience. Another significant feature of the designs by SM Studio is the selective use of art and accessories; and a noted preference for crafting out interior elements in a manner that replaces extra accoutrements. In the times that a profusion of high-end accessories seems to be the norm in modern decor, SM Studio’s work is conspicuous by its absence!

However, the spaces are vibrant and dynamic, or serene and soothing, depending on their character and function. Using neutral backdrops, and highlighting with bolder colours and metallic finishes; and selecting accents in the form of floral patterns or stripes, or geometrical shapes, on various elements of décor, and experimenting with different materials – the ultimate effort is geared towards a holistic, harmonious and appealing interior! 

Taking cognizance of the practical constraints of the design processes enhances their creative thinking – working out solutions that circumvent challenges, by using them as powerful design-drivers. With designs ranging across diverse styles – from the very minimalist, contemporary to the rich and ornate classical, as well as youthful and vibrant; SM Studio’s body of work is didactic and dramatic.

The Future Of Design wishes Ar. Meghana Shetty and the team at SM Studio much luck and success in their journey ahead!

Designer : Ar. Meghana Shetty, SM Studio, Mumbai
Photography :Courtesy the architects

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