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Hafele-TFOD Profile Of The Week: Artist Ramesh Patel, Mumbai

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on November 05, 2015 at 07:05 PM

Active TFODian Ramesh Patel is a self-taught artist; with a portfolio replete with Buddha paintings. The frequency of his visits and regular updation of his profile have won him this week’s Profile Of The Week!

© Courtesy of Ramesh Patel, Mumbai

Art is a blessing, God’s gift to Ramesh Patel. The Mumbai-based artist naturally leans towards divine figures and religious subjects; with the top favourite being the Buddha – a subject that gives him immense peace and joy. With his work displayed in art-galleries across Mumbai, the artist showcases his talent on TFOD!

The ultimate symbol of asceticism, Siddhartha the son of a king gave up all worldly pleasures and did penance under the Bodhi tree, till he got enlightenment. Buddha - the "awakened one" – then preached a way of life; a middle way between sensual indulgence and the severe asceticism –  and laid the foundation of Buddhism.

In religious iconography, the Bodhi tree is recognizable by its heart-shaped leaves, which are usually prominently visible. The image of the Buddha, on the canvases painted by artist Ramesh Patel too similarly undergo many interpretations and variations, with colours and postures changing and addition of elements like the Bodhi (Peepul) leaves and the Buddha’s disciples. 

The solemnity of the expressions on the face of the Buddha emanates a sense of peace and serenity in the ambience. Made in varied sizes, and sold in art and accessory shops in the malls of Mumbai, Patel’s Buddha images are getting wide outreach to end-users and thus gaining much popularity. 

Other devotional subjects include Radha Krishna, the eternal symbols of love.  Famous for his many dalliances with the gopis, Krishna’s relationship with Radha is the most memorable one, etched for eternity by artists, artisans, sculptors, authors and poets in their creations. It has become a model for male and female love in a variety of art forms, since the sixteenth century.

The self-made artist has also sold his paintings to loyal patrons, in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai. He is also commissioned by architects and interior designers, to create customized art-works. 

Designer : Artist Ramesh Patel, Mumbai
Photography :Courtesy the artist

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