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TFOD Profile Of The Week: Poonam Gupta, Seven Design & Interior, Bengaluru

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on December 12, 2015 at 01:00 PM

Seven is an interior design firm based out of Bengaluru. Set up by designer Poonam Gupta, the studio focuses on customized, functional interiors, for residences and commercial spaces. Their forte lies in being able to completely understand clients' needs and lifestyle, and integrating these into superior designs for a unique space. Seven’s Profile on TFOD claims the Profile Of The Week!

© Courtesy of Seven Design & Interior, Bengaluru

Across the world, one sees new and fascinating trends in design – with the interior industry taking on a parallel role in setting trends in fashion and lifestyle. The emergence of a global aesthetic is increasingly evident in architecture and interior design; with a blending of stylistic influences. 

The Bengaluru-based design studio Seven, while wholeheartedly embracing the new global aesthetic defines itself with its versatility. Rather than confining themselves to working within a set style, they explore varied styles and live up to the client’s expectations, with customized detailing and high-end finishes.

Starting off with a small team of carpenters, creating custom decors, art and furnishings for high-end residences out of a tiny workshop in Bangalore, today Seven provides complete interior solutions for a range of budgets. The adaptability of décor ideas gives the studio an edge over the competition – and leaves them with a lot of satisfied clients!

Instead of following a set mantra, Seven’s designs stem as a response to the client's personality and desired functionality. The firm handles a variety of projects including residences, offices, retail spaces and schools. Their services cover all aspects of interior design – including concept and space planning, budgeting, sourcing, execution, as well as accounting for the possibility of future modifications. 

The Seven design-team collaborates with artisans across India, blending the uniqueness and aesthetic quality of traditional Indian handicrafts into contemporary and technology-driven designs with heightened functionality. The spaces therefore, although contemporary in their overall outlook, have an infusion of traditional touches in details.

The Seven Design & Interior work philosophy is driven by client satisfaction. Meeting clients’ aspirations, within the allocated budgets and schedules, is their primary target. Whether a fresh interior job, or a remodeling project – Poonam and the team of designers at Seven help the client to optimize their space and resources!



The Future Of Design appreciates the designer’s sensibilities and celebrates the studio’s philosophy of keeping client satisfaction as the driving force behind their designs. 

Designer : Poonam Gupta, Seven Design & Interior, Bengaluru
Photography :Courtesy the designer

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