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TFOD Profile Of The Week: Unique Trees, Hyderabad

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on January 02, 2016 at 06:34 PM

The Future Of Design is the single largest online global platform for artists and design professionals, with the allied fraternity. The success of this effort is seen in the fact that we have Profiles as varied as Project Management Consultants, Warli Artists, Art Installation Contractors, Furniture Manufacturers, Lighting Consultants, Architects and Interior Designers! As the year 2015 ended and 2016 has dawned upon us – we have selected a Profile from the most unusual categories as the TFOD Profile Of The Week! Listing themselves under Landscape Supplies & Maintenance, Unique Trees is a Hyderabad-based nursery, purportedly the largest one in India! Dealing in rare and exotic plants sourced from 18 countries across the world, Unique Trees claims 2015’s last Profile Of The Week.

© Courtesy of Unique Trees, Hyderabad

Spread over 500 acres, the Unique Trees nursery deals exclusively in imported, exotic , rare and fully grown plants and trees, that can add value to any landscape. Imported from countries like Australia, Mexico, Uruguay, Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Madagascar and U.S.A, the Unique Trees range covers plants 6-30 feet tall, and up to 1200 years old! 

With a vision “to provide Indian Landscapes with an exotic and imported collection of the most beautiful trees from across the world along with other elements to complement the landscape designs”, Unique Trees is the largest nursery in India; growing, importing, planting, nurturing, and maintaining a wide array of fully grown exotic verdant and hardy trees from sources across the globe. They are specially selected for habitat compatibility and crafted keeping in mind the aesthetic, design and landscaping needs of the commercial and residential establishments in India.

At the Unique Trees nursery located on the outskirts of Hyderabad, the sourced plants are grown and sustained to ensure they adapt to Indian climate and conditions. Of course, once the plant/tree is delivered to the site of the new landscape, its survival depends largely on the planting,care and maintenance provided at the new site.

The Unique Trees mission is to “create and manage beautiful, stunning, and sustainable landscapes in India with exotic trees from select environments across the globe for diverse customers ranging from organizations to individuals, while ensuring the bio-diversity of the region is totally conserved and no adverse effects befall it from the imported plants.” 

Classified into 12 different segments such as Palms, Cycads, Desert Plants, Flowering Plants, Trees with Outstanding Trunks, Bamboos, and Indoor Plants, and several sub-segments in each, the Unique Trees range is vast and varied. The amazing plants and trees can be used by architects / landscape designers / horticulturists to create stunning settings – depending on the site location, climate and project requirements. 

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