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8 Decor Resolutions: From the Profile Of Khosla Associates, Bengaluru!

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on January 05, 2016 at 07:06 PM

© Courtesy of Khosla Associates, Bengaluru

Enough of the typical New Year Resolutions – those based on lifestyle choices such as… I will go to the gym regularly, I will shop less, or the more altruistic ones as… I will use recyclable products, or I pledge to donate my eyes or I will give money to charity.

At The Future Of Design, we will discuss some Décor-based Resolutions that we may want to take this year!

Very often, space is a crunch we face – whether at home, in the office, in our own room, or even on the work-desk! It is therefore mandatory to “organize” better – and optimize available resources. So let’s think of some Décor Resolutions for 2016!

1. De-clutter your surroundings; clear the mess!

Anything that you haven’t used in the last two years, you most likely won’t in the next two – so dispose it off! That’s the Golden Rule for de-cluttering the spaces we inhabit. Whether a closet or a kitchen, a garden or a garage – identify items that haven’t been used and separate them into three piles – one for those items that can be donated; another for those that can be recycled; and the third for those that must go in the garbage bin! The first two also take care of some of the more altruistic resolutions – and at the end of the day you will find yourself with a wonderfully clutter-free space!


2. Take a practical approach; be ruthless on yourself!

Emotional attachments to trinkets, souvenirs, mementoes often lead to cluttered cabinets and rooms! We feel we “need” to preserve the first toy Daddy gifted or the first bone the dog chewed – and it’s not entirely a bad thing, We as humans, do treasure memories of the days gone past. But it’s important to know which ones will bring a smile to your lips when you will be old and lonely! Just pick those and bid adieu to the rest; you may just feel emotionally lighter as well. And while on trinkets – don’t carry back inane objects from every trip you make. You don’t need them and you will spend more time wiping the dust off them while they lie around cluttering your shelves and cramming your chest of drawers!


3. Make the most of trends and seasons; go for it!

A new look is always welcome. Spruce up the décor by thinking smart. Make sophisticated choices and use colours wisely! If you must follow trends, use them on items like rugs and cushion covers; which don’t cost a lot of money and can be changed as soon the new season sets in. That will allow you the liberty of a mini-makeover, in each season. Keeping the walls and fabrics in neutral hues – pick up linen and throws in the colours of the seasons!  As a thumb-rule, you would do well to remember that you could never go wrong with rusts and ochres in winter and turn towards mints and limes in summer, go for plums and wines in autumn and splash peaches and mauves in spring!


4. Revamp floors and walls; with hassle-free, cheaper options!

Adding a brightly coloured rug on the floor is a more feasible alternative to changing the entire flooring. The style and pattern of the rug, however needs to be carefully picked to match the stuff you have! Even if you want to dramatize the space with a contrasting style or color – it must be a well thought-out decision.

Similarly, painting one wall with a vibrant hue changes the perception of the space. However, the trick is to pick the right colour! Do not choose something that you will tire of quickly. Think of the wood and the walls, the sofa and the curtains! That accent colour must be a sophisticated one that will enrich the space, and complement most of the existing elements of the décor. An aubergine wall, for instance, though wonderful in itself; would clash with walnut polished wooden members or maroon upholstery – but would look ravishing with lime green curtains and pine-wood flooring! 

5. Organize what you can’t discard; with some D-I-Y wall-storage pieces!

And if at all you are left with a lot of surplus items that you simply couldn’t bring yourself to throw away, and you can’t dump it in the storage closet - get a D-I-Y shelf-making kit and pick up a wall where you can keep it. Keeping it at higher level or using a darker shade may be a good idea as the dust won’t show easily. Basically think of unused corners and walls which could be lined with shelves or cabinets and used to stash away some less used stuff.

6. Re-arrange furniture pieces; an easy-fix layout make-over!

Shifting a few furniture pieces around also changes the feel of the room! Try swapping the position of the sofa with the television in the living room; or the bed and wardrobe in the bedroom. Bring out the pedestal lamp that was in fashion few years ago and some retro wall-art; and enjoy the visually transformed space – at no extra cost!


7.  Make a budget; and stick to it!

However, the primary thing is to make a revamp wish-list. Then list out the most critical alterations and lay out the budget. Then get estimates from consultants/contractors and identify which items get overhauled first! A little bit overstepping does happen – that’s quite natural, but keep the spillover within 10%!

8. Mark a schedule; and keep a deadline!

Very often, renovation projects go on and on, endlessly. And the house keeps looking messy, as if it is in a permanent state of upheaval. It is very important to bring closure to the process! So, set a deadline and wrap up the effort. What doesn’t fit into the timelines or the budget – postpone them to the next scheduled revamp!  Technically, there is no limit to how many times one can rearrange, reupholster, or repaint things in a house. So, keep going at it, and enjoy the spaces you create – with friends and family!

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