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10 colour inspirations to bring home while travelling in India

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on January 08, 2016 at 01:38 PM

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“Colour your life through your home; and travel all your life to bring colour to your home”! India is a land of colours. Our landscapes, clothes, food, rituals, culture and architecture are embedded in colours.  

As an architect I always love experimenting with colours. Incorporating textures and patterns – choosing from a palette of tints, shades, and hues - gives an edgy effect. to interiors of spaces. As a passionate traveller, I find inspiration for my designs from nature! Here, I have rounded up my favourite travel-inspired colour tips for every budget traveller in India.

Doesn't that wondrous sky at sunset - filled with multiple shades of ink blue, ochre, gold, sienna, and walnut - not kindle your creativity?? Check these out while crafting décor ideas for your home!


Nothing treats your eyes better than the achromatic colour white spread luxuriously across the Rann of Kutch, in Gujarat - a magnificent landscape of dazzling white salt encrusted desert plains. White, a sign of purity, innocence and calm can be complemented with greys and off-whites. These sophisticated colour choices will get a minimalist look for your home.


Or go wild! Discover south India and bring some red inspiration from the rituals and dance forms like Theyyam in Kerala to Kathakali in Tamil Nadu. Painting a feature wall with shades of red – orange, rust, maroon – associated with energy, passion and action is a must this season.


A colour considered sacred by Hindus, seen in the flowers used in prayers, in the clothes of the sadhus, Saffron the aromatic spice also infuses its colour in the milk offered to deities during worship. A visit to the backwaters of Kerala surely can inspire you to dabble with a bit of saffron! Try it on table linen or cushions – for a fresh and tangy twist to the décor!


The magnificent blue city of India - Jodhpur is dotted with vivid blue painted houses. Seen as a sea of blue around the Mehrangarh fort, Jodhpur is surely one of the extraordinary places in Rajasthan state. Blue being the colour of heaven and authority will add a new perspective to your home. Traditionally associated with boys, it can blend with everything in a teenager's rooms!


Kerala – often referred to as God’s own country – is known for its lush greenery! In Munnar, the striking colour – a symbol of balance and growth – spreads like satin, draping itself over hills and down the valleys. If you are a green person this place will surely make your heart skip a few beats.


Black is always fascinating a mysterious colour that is typically associated with the unknown negative. Associated with power, strength, elegance and authority black is powerful and dominating. Travelling to Surat in Gujarat, get inspired by a heavenly beauty – the Dumas beach – with jet black sand! 


Whether Pondicherry in south or the mustard fields of Punjab in the north, there are picturesque landscapes from where you can bring home a yellow/lime green inspiration! The most luminous colours from the spectrum – the combination looks stunning in a room decor as well! Ideal for adding a touch of freshness to a darker room, as well as for lending a graceful accent to a white minimalist space!


Coorg is the second largest Tibetan settlement in India. The Golden temple complex in Coorg is an area full of culture and beautiful golden statues of Buddha. Gold is a colour of success, achievement and triumph. The colour implies affluence and material wealth. Why not usher it in your home?


The purple blanket laid down by the Saffron fields in Pampore, Kashmir – is a sight to behold! The colour of royalty, the colour of the Gods – purple – in all its variants – is a splendid accent colour that can enrich the décor of your home!


Ever thought of trekking? Visit the Sandakphu trek, on the highest peak in West Bengal. Filled with exotic colourful flora, stretching on for miles and miles – it reflects a combination of pinks and greens for your next makeover. Pink represents compassion, nurturing and love and femininity; it adds a touch of delicacy to your home. Ideal for a growing girl’s room!

Well, then… kick start your next decorating project with some of these wondrous combinations of hues and shades! Let your imagination run wild – to create a striking visual impact!!  

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