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Chandigarh Airport - India’s first eco-friendly air terminal!

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on January 14, 2016 at 12:31 PM

Inaugurated by the honourable Prime minister of India Narendra Modi, Chandigarh's new air terminal has gained a 4- star GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) rating. The L&T creation has set benchmarks for future endeavours in the field of sustainability and green technological evolutions in the fields of architecture and design - with its “totally green” concept. 

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Whoever says that our country lags behind in technological gateways or sustainability solutions needs to re-think! The past decade saw us crossing new frontiers of development. Persistent efforts of urban planners and architects has brought awareness about the importance of sustainability and infused change in the way bureaucratic decisions are taken. The environment-friendly international terminal at the Chandigarh airport is the first of its kind in the country!

Designed by Larsen and Tourbo (L&T) construction Ltd and spread over an area of 53,000 sqft, the terminal is based on the concept of “sustainability motifs" that can direct both domestic and international flights!

The energy-efficient construction has been done with the use of extensive aeration technology along with green construction materials such as fly-ash bricks along with cavity walls, energy-efficient chillers, double-insulated roofing systems with a motion-sensored plumbing system to reduce water consumption.

Fly-ash bricks that are made in accordance to BIS standards are 100% reliable and are endured for a longer period of time than normal red clay bricks of any other stereotyped building construction material. Composed from fly-ash, gypsum, lime and sand the bricks dispense high strength and uniformity and require less mortar plastering thus, making them more environment-friendly!

Day lighting has played a major role by incorporating transparent facades, roof lights and long span glass structures thereby increasing the maximum use of northern lights during the day and thereby decreasing the illumination levels and artificial lights maintenance and costs.

Low heat gain glass along with more specially designed landscaped areas has effectively brought down the air conditioning levels in the premises. Moreover the air conditioning unit is provided with special motion/heat sensors that respond to body heat levels nearby and adjust the temperature accordingly. Thus the air-conditioning may go into a sleep mode eventually during low working time-zones. Use of LED lights and well-designed landscape has made the proposal more practical and less stressful over the conventional methods of execution!

The terminal has kept a 200kw rooftop solar plant to fulfil the major power needs of the airport and a much needed sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 600 KLD has been installed to reuse the contaminated water by making it useful for flushing and gardening purposes.

Portraying the heritage and culture of Chandigarh- the murals, paintings and sculptures incorporated in the interiors infuse a conceptualized theme to the terminal.

Designer : Larsen and Tourbo (L&T) construction ltd
Photography :Internet Sources

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