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TFOD Profile Of The Week: Sanctuary Architects, Bengaluru

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on January 16, 2016 at 09:01 PM

Anshul Chodha is one of the best known names in Indian architecture and design, helming the Bengaluru-based design studio - Sanctuary.  The high-end minimalist aesthetic that informs his work, encompasses the plethora of projects in his portfolio – ranging from lavish residences to corporate offices, and from luxury hospitality outlets to health and wellness spaces! The firm’s presence and frequent updates to their Profile on TFOD helps them clinch the TFOD Profile Of The Week! 

© Courtesy of Ar. Anshul Chodha, Sanctuary Architects, Bengaluru

Minimalism is an aesthetic ideal that supports a subdued stylistic character with an intrinsically fine quality with measured use of forms and lines, producing a timeless tranquility. The minimalist ideology, stemming from Zen philosophy, has found increasing popularity in the field of architecture and interior design. Some designers have explored the aesthetic to a great extent, with some really inspiring and intuitive works adorning their portfolio.

Cover Pic & Pics 2, 3: Sanctum Club at the Chancery Pavilion Hotel, Bengaluru; Pics: 4-6. Bodycraft Spa & Salon, Bengaluru

Anshul Chodha of Sanctuary Architects is one such designer whose repertoire includes an array of exquisitely elegant projects – transcending the realms of Minimalism and Luxury. Sanctuary was founded in August 2003, primarily offering services in architecture and interior design. To understand the work of Sanctuary Architects, one must understand principles of Zen. An innate beauty, an intrinsic calm, a deep-rooted sense of peace – that’s what Sanctuary’s work reflects. Spaces that connect with the human mind, that converse with the soul – happen not by accident, but a rather resolute application of ideas that are inspired by a connection of the built form with the land, the sea, and the sky.

Pics: 7-9. Puma Social Club, Bengaluru

In the context of modern living which is defined by varied materialistic paraphernalia and accoutrements of comfort, the minimalist ideology imparts a monastic serenity to the spaces we inhabit. It suggests an elimination of needless nuggets and nuances of luxurious décor and instead focuses on an honest and clarified approach to design. Simply put, the idea of minimalism in interior design is to keep embellishment to a minimum and instead explore the dynamics of space like forms, colours and textures and interpolate them to enhance the spaces. This lends itself to a more holistic perception of the space. 

Pics: 10 - 15. High-end Residences, Bengaluru

Earlier better known to be Ar. Sandeep Khosla’s closest associate, Anshul eventually branched out and  established his independent practice as Sanctuary. Indeed, Anshul credits a lot of his design thinking to the five and a half year stint he did with Khosla Associates.  “It helped me gain a very solid foundation in architectural and interior design. What I didn’t learn or understand during my five years in architecture school, I was able to absorb as Sandeep’s associate. My time there opened my eyes out to the importance of design, and how it can make or break the purpose of it. It is this learning and the confidence I gained here that eventually inspired me to found Sanctuary.”

“We work to create spaces that are meaningful, sensitive, intelligent, and timeless; we aim to create spaces with an inspiring and calming effect which can enhance productivity, and increase efficiency,” says Chodha. “Our style – subtle and minimal - is based on simple concepts thoroughly thought out, exhaustively detailed and integrated into multiple levels of design. We analyze the constraints of a site, and turn them around to our advantage. With natural light and ventilation as the primary design-drivers, and an abiding commitment to build/mould spaces to suit the client and the climate, Sanctuary’s preferred aesthetic shines through in all its projects – defined by Zen-infused spaces of high-end luxury! 

Designer : Ar. Anshul Chodha, Sanctuary, Bengaluru
Photography :Courtesy the architect

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