Indian architecture’s biggest brand – Hafeez Contractor – thus bags one of the highest honors given by the Indian Government to civilians! Born on 19th June 1950, the prodigal architect found his calling for architecture. His designs - remarkable or debatable - have impacted the Indian skyline like few other architects since independence. 

The “people’s architect” is famous for his contribution to the residential/housing scene rather than for the more elitist and erudite sectors comprising institutional and public buildings. Interpolating into the mainstream ‘Modern’ architectural style, a rehash of ‘NeoClassical’ facades – Hafeez has been enabling a whole new way of life to millions of residents, charming buyers with contemporary interpretations of the Classical design style. And of course, inspiring many generations of Indian designers!

Flooded with warm wishes and congratulatory messages on this new achievement, he sits at his large desk, nonchalantly sipping his favourite cuppa and signing TFOD's congratulatory message! 

Indeed, in winning the Padma Bhushan, Hafeez Contractor has done Indian architecture proud. The Future Of Design applauds his stupendous achievement!