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Chairs from Artichokes!!

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on February 01, 2016 at 05:15 PM

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature, it will never fail you.”- Frank Lloyd Wright

Designer Spyros Kizis shows an exceptional approach to deal with bio-fuel production leftovers. The London-based designer of Greek origin; has created an Eames-esque molded chair prepared from wild artichoke thistle fibers, a derivative that would otherwise become an industrial desecrate. Innovative, eco-friendly chairs derived from wild artichoke - 'artichairs' are here to rock the world of design!

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Artichoke is a crop plant with a large perennial thistle, native to the Mediterranean region and is often conspicuous by its size. The idea behind the series of furniture was based on the on the significance of ‘tangible nature’ an environmentally friendly process and ensuing it in producing objects having stupendous characteristics. The bio fuel waste re-used; combining the natural resources such as Greek artichoke thistle fibers and a biological resin, resulted in a material having similar properties to glass fiber reinforced plastic but has the benefits of its bio-ingredients and its eco-friendly manufacture process. “The goal is to put in mass production furniture made in an alternative way,” says Kizis.

Importantly, the concluding material has been applied in a variety of methods from compression molding to freehand transformations leading to a compact designed sustainable chair.A prospective response to the existing economic crisis in the designer’s native Greece; the model was developed with an approach and understanding towards a research that explores current environmental and social issues and could possibly aid through the development of ecological agriculture.

The unique product has already won acclaim - including the prestigious Green Product Award at the DMY International Design Festival in Berlin; an international competition for sustainable products and services, from winning jury’s roll of honor, media promotion, and the opportunity to be included on Interior Park, a European online store for sustainable goods. “Being part of Green Product Award also helps in meeting interesting people, making new connections and finding inspiration for the next project,” says Kizis, after winning the category of Product/Furniture Design Newcomer at the DMY festival, Berlin.

With a new improved version, Designer Kizis is all set to produce the latest Artichair where the consistency of the material is slightly changed, so that more [artichoke] fibers and less bio-resin are worn, subsequently creating a stronger yet eco-friendly material. Kizis, who has partnered with office furniture manufacturer Schaffenburg is also hoping to add lights, table tops, lounge chairs, and many more furniture/decor items to his product range.

They say “necessity is the mother of invention”, and while that might not be the case for some inventions out there, ones like the Artichair, that are not driven on the basis of necessity are revolutionizing the world towards greener, more sustainable products, and recycling waste!

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