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TFOD Profile Of The Week: Sonali Shah, Mumbai

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on January 30, 2016 at 05:12 PM

Interior designer Sonali Shah is one of the first and most supportive members of TFOD – The Future Of Design! As ‘mybeautifulife’, her design firm, Sonali has created a beautiful Profile on TFOD – that finely reflects her flair for space modulation and eye for detail! And she claims this week’s Profile Of The Week!

© Courtesy of Sonali Shah, Mumbai

There was a time when architecture was largely a male-dominated field and there were few women architects around; fewer still with full-on architectural practices. Brinda Somaya, Rohini Mani, Hema Sankalia are few names that come to mind, as significant contributors to Indian architecture.  That mindset has changed drastically, and we now have a plethora of women architects giving the men a run for their money! 

That was also the time when there were boundless misconceptions about interior design and interior decoration; and the two were often perceived as the same thing! Gradually interior design became more mainstream and got the recognition it deserves. 

Yet, however, somewhere deep inside, interior designing and more particularly home interiors always seem to be a lady’s forte!  Sonali Shah is one from that breed – an interior designer with a strong foothold in residential interior projects.

Well-known for bespoke luxury interiors, Mybeautifulife has provided interior design solutions to high-end residential and commercial projects, for almost two decades. The firm believes a beautiful design is more than just choosing colors and furniture. It must serve the unique needs of each client and reflect their personality through designs. Blending modern, vintage and customized furnishings with one-of-a-kind fixtures, finishes and carefully selected art, the firm creates spaces that are luxurious and sophisticated while simultaneously being warm, welcoming and comfortable.

Indeed, the homes designed by Sonali look homey and cozy – as homes should! This comes from an astute understanding of the clients’ needs, ensuing from personal chats with individual members and incorporating their aspirations in the concept! Rather than showing off her own mettle or needlessly incorporating a lampshade she acquired from a recent trip to Milan, she focuses on delivering a home that the occupants would relate with, and enjoy!

Space handling, especially in compact urban apartments with several constraints, is a challenge – and it is here that Sonali excels! By understanding the brief, she interprets it in the floor plan, and handles the furniture layout to create a sense of openness. Working on the premise that ‘space has no boundaries’ and knowing the infinite possibilities of a layout, the plan is modified; till the most refined and satisfying option evolves. 

The Mybeautifulife portfolio reflects an understanding of proportion and scale, meticulous detailing, timeless aesthetics and experimentation in material palettes for a variety of projects. 

We, at The Future Of Design, thank Sonali Shah for her unflinching faith in and unstinted support to TFOD! 

Designer : Sonali Shah, Mumbai
Photography :Courtesy the designer

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