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TFOD Profile Of The Week: Ar. Lalit Kishor Bhati and Ar. Shailaja Sudhalkar Bhati, PATH, Auroville

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on April 07, 2016 at 03:26 PM

And from Auroville – the haven for architects – an amazing Profile was created on TFOD – by PATH (Planning and Architecture Towards Holistic Development)! Adding over 120 photos from a portfolio straddling variegated genres of design – from cottages to schools, and from office interiors to religious institutions! The disparity in the genres however flows beautifully into a single congruent aesthetic that informs each of the studio’s projects. The wonderful design outputs from the studio; as well as the exemplary TFOD Profile created – helps PATH claim the TFOD Profile Of The Week

© Courtesy of Ar. Lalit Kishor Bhati and Ar. Shailaja Sudhalkar Bhati, PATH, Auroville

Architects Lalit Kishor Bhati and Shailaja Sudhalkar Bhati founded PATH – an architecture and planning studio – in 2004, in Auroville. Lalit did his B. Arch from GCA, Lucknow, followed by a Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning from CEPT, Ahmedabad and later a PG Diploma from IHS, Rotterdam. Shailaja completed B. Arch in 1995 from MSU, Baroda and has been practicing architecture since then. Having lived and studied in different places, the founding of PATH was a true melding of sensibilities. Firm believers in holistic development, the studio’s name reflects the same philosophy. 

PATH endeavors to create sustainable and harmonious designs in planning, architecture and interiors. The studio has done varied projects ranging from residences to institutional buildings to public buildings and has successfully executed several projects in and around Auroville and in Puducherry. PATH is also involved in educational activities and regularly conducts workshops on Alternate Building Technologies

The cohesive practice ideology stems from a deep-rooted understanding of and sensitivity to the context and climate. In each of the projects on the PATH Profile, mostly in the Auroville/Puducherry region, there is an innate effort towards addressing climatological considerations in a tropical climate – a factor integral to energy-conscious, sustainable architecture.

The studio’s creative experimentation includes an exploration and reinvention of building elements and materials; while ensuring appropriate response to climatic and contextual situation. It is therefore intriguing to see the same aesthetic ideal moulding itself to different project typologies – to powerful effect.

What’s more - each project has a story; narrated in lucid words – in the form of image captions. With 12 Projects across varied typologies and 124 well-described images – PATH indeed deserves the week’s title of TFOD Profile Of The Week!


Cover Pic & Pics: 2 to 6 - Buddhist Temple and Stupa

Pics: 7 to 9 - Cottage in Auroville

Pics: 10 to 12 - Kindergarten School

Pics: 13 to 15 - Energy Education Park 

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