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Smartflower solar technology

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on May 24, 2017 at 04:36 PM

If there is one thing we can all agree upon is that the world is facing an energy crisis. The only ray of hope left for earth is extensive use of renewable and clean energy sources. There are no two ways about it. At some level, the entire world understands this and has made progress towards a shift from conventional to renewable energy sources. Although, it needs to be a lot more rapid and intense, there is a definite progress in the right step. There are many agencies dedicated to research and development of renewable energy sources to develop this technology further. One such company is Smartflower. They have innovated a solar technology with an inbuilt solar tracking system.

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Taking solar panels, one step further, smartflower is a progressive solar technology that can be installed on rooftop like regular solar panels. What makes it different is its efficient built in dual axis solar tracking system, that enables it to follow the direction of sunlight, so as to take maximum advantage of the sun. The most effective solar panels are those that are at right angle to the sunlight, but that is not necessarily possible for the entire duration. An expensive solution to this issue is solar tracking system, but it limited to larger scale. The design of smartflower, overpowers the limitations associated to a conventional rooftop solar system with respect to position, location and angle. 

Smartflower, stands for sustainable ways of living. It is developed with the intention of making a statement that says, simple, efficient and designed to perfection. Their system is designed to help more people produce clean electricity at a household level as well. They aim to make cities, communities and companies less dependent on conventional energy sources and free them from the load of increasing energy costs to the greatest extent possible.

Apart from reducing the carbon footprint at an individual level, the smartflower design is a pleasing sight, aesthetically. As insinuated by the name, smartflower is like a sunflower in appearance, giving a renewed look to rooftop solar systems. It has a 3.2kW solar array and each unit could produce a total of 6200 kWh of energy per year. This number is comparable to the energy consumption of an average household. If the reports are to be believed, this system has proven to be 40 percent more effective than conventional rooftop solar panels. The design is also very flexible, in the sense that it can be effortlessly folded, uprooted and repositioned. It even folds itself when it is not operational or in the event of strong winds or storm.

Although it is manufactured in Austria; it is available for sale in many countries across the globe. There is no compromise on quality as they provide a 25 years long guarantee for the module performance guarantee. The company has tied with local certified dealers which makes it easily accessible all around the world. Thus, they have even opened up several job opportunities in the solar power industry. With proficient regional support, short distance and fast reaction time, the end users can be assured of good customer service. By associating with local regional dealers, they have extended their reach by ten folds, which was a very crucial decision. The planet can really use the goodness of the smartflower solar system. 

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