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TFOD Profile Of The Week: Vinu Sharma, Artist, Goa

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on October 13, 2017 at 04:00 PM

A raw, earthy verve is often seen in the works of artists who have no formal training in art. Their flair and passion is what makes them ‘create’ – and the creation oozes an unbridled, magnetic energy. Vinu Sharma is one such self-taught artist, who has travelled all over the country.   Therefore, the spirit of India is reflected in the bold colours and vivid imagery found in many of his works. His profile on TFOD is equally vibrant; and thus claims this week’s TFOD Profile of the Week! 

© Courtesy of Vinu Sharma, Artist, Goa

Born and raised in Ooty, Vinu Sharma relocated to Bangalore to pursue a career in law. However, the profession failed to keep him interested; and he soon veered towards his true passion – art. An avid traveller, Vinu then spent several years roaming through India, learning about various communities and their art-forms. These varied influences have been infused on Vinu’s creative conscience – and reflected in his works.

“I am a Visual Artist, specializing in creating realistic style portrait works and large-scale murals. My works often reflect an ambient presence of life. With a knowledge and understanding between any medium and surface, I have worked on/with paper, walls, glass, metal, fabric, human body, wood, plaster and canvas,” says the talented artist, now based in Goa. “I undertake commission works of portrait sketching, wall mural paintings, creating social awareness through art and art installations.”

Large-scale murals are Vinu’s forte. The narrative of the mural is woven through many layers; with colours and textures enhancing the bold graphics and imagery. Many of his murals – some breezy, some reflective – are seen in homes, restaurants and cafes, all over the country! It is interesting to see the way Vinu uses the context of the space to create his fascinating murals.  The creative transformation of ideas to designs, and his constant exploration of different styles and techniques enhance his murals. 

The other significant part of Vinu’s portfolio comprises photorealistic portraits. An eye for details and versatility in rendering techniques make Vinu’s pencil sketches come alive. However, Vinu's paintings on canvas are also commendable - his mastery over strokes apparent in the graceful dance that the colours and forms are engaged in.

Vinu is currently working on a exhibition called ‘Art for Peace’. “This will feature a series of artworks created with an intent to bring about peace and harmony. The collection will include portraits, murals, designs, sketches, drawings and paintings,” informs Vinu enthusiastically. Starting off with ‘Symbol of Peace’ as the first artwork of the series, Vinu used the peace symbol, and added his own imagery. “I have followed the symmetry of the form. The colours I have used are mainly primary colours which follow a sequence. The shadow effects make the symbol pop out,” he explains.

Vinu Sharma, thus continues on his creative journey – exploring forms, experimenting with various styles, techniques, colours and creating magical visual renditions. His philosophical take on his art and life, and the universe is equally intriguing. “What would be the only thing you do when you have everything else and when you have nothing?” he asks of himself. “I believe my expressions are exquisite and unique. I am the creator. I am univ.”

And thus the tagline – "I am Univ” followed. And it may be observed that this continues to be the underpinning narrative of all of Vinu Sharma’s art.

TFOD – The Future Of Design commends the artist’s inherent talent and wishes him the very best on the creative journey that lies ahead. 

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