The Future of Design ( is a great initiative, a great platform for the design fraternity. We definitely needed a virtual tool to help and inspire designers. The portal connects the fraternity and end-users of design. It serves as a quick access medium to see what’s going on in the design world and also showcases the amazing work being done by different design professionals across the country and beyond. The spectrum of design is so wide, and TFOD brings it all together!

It is also heartwarming to know that Sustainability is one of the key concerns of The Future Of Design. I see sustainability as the only way out, the single solution for the future. We are going to further erode what we cannot replace. So it is imperative that designers understand and accept their responsibility towards the environment and contribute in their own small way.

Design Education, is yet another concern. I personally find that most design schools in India are not in tune with the current design scene. Though the mindset of the students is extremely adaptive and open to what’s happening around them, I don’t think they get enough input from their educational institutions. What is encouraging, however, is that young practicing architects and designers are trying to change the current scenario.

Art is integral to design. On a personal level I can say that art provides oxygen to the kind of work we do. It brings freshness and vigour to empty spaces.  I am of the personal belief that certain techniques and dying arts and crafts from a far older world were much more progressive in their design sensibilities. I feel the process of re-discovering those roots in a new language and form, has started. I see the change; right from Gaudi’s sculpted buildings to today, seeing Zaha Hadid’s sculpted structures. 


The Future Of Design includes art; with artists and artisans given a display space on the portal. This virtual gallery will empower many from the field. Overall I believe The Future Of Design has set itself high goals and I wish the endeavour much success!