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The Future of Design seems to have two very distinct prongs…one that leads towards Sustainability and Organic and the other towards Hi-tech and Futuristic. Sustainable design seems to conjure up visions of the Flintstones – wearing animal-skin outfits and living in houses built of mud and straw; where transportation happens in donkey carts and turbines harness wind power to use to draw water from the rivers. Hi-tech design at once brings to mind the Jetsons; with their geeky gadgets and extreme levels of automation. If sustainable design conveys an impression of organic, eclectic and traditional; hi-tech seems sleek, minimalist and futuristic. Unfortunately while these two ideologies seem to be mutually exclusive; designers should in fact look to blend the best aspects of both – by creating a modern aesthetic which also responds to and respects the environment!

The design of the time is a true reflection of the time itself. Tools or techniques, tags or trends – all have a profound influence on the design that is generated in the region, over any given span of time. Whether in the Stone Age or the Space Age, each generation of designers in every era creates designs within the time-frame they live in; and casts projections for the future. In food, fashion, building forms, home interiors, roads, cityscapes or means of transport and communication; design pervades all aspects of our lives. While the simplicity and charm of the Flintstones have lasting appeal, there is an edgy excitement about the Jetsons’ jet-setting lifestyle! The Future of Design will be shaped by each one of us; whatever our design orientation may be.

We are honoured to have in our very first release of articles such iconic names from the world of art and architecture – as Dr. Jyoti Bhatt, a veteran from the Baroda school of Art and Ar. Sanjay Puri – one of the show-stoppers in contemporary architectural and interior design! An innovative Material LiTracon fills our Technology slot; while interior designer Sonali Shah reveals a beautiful residential interior done by her in At Home!

Articles on The Future of Design aim to highlight people, projects, products and processes – that have defined the world of design and those that will lead the way forward. Hope you enjoy surfing through the pieces!

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