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on September 18, 2014 at 10:15 AM

When I compiled, authored and edited a collection of the 50 Best Apartments in India, I came across some ravishing homes. And though most of us can only aspire to have such homes of our own, nothing stops us from picking up a clever idea or two – from this sumptuous spread!! So, sit back and relax - and discover the gems from this treasure-trove of home décor ideas! The feature also celebrates and applauds the skills of the photographers that do justice to, and in a sense even enhance the wow factor of the designers’ work! 

© Courtesy of the designers

Apartment living gets a whole new definition in the affluent segment. The general impression about an apartment being a holed-in, congested unit with less privacy and lesser scope for design (as compared to an independent bungalow) suddenly gives way.   Focusing here on décor ideas for the public spaces in apartments, the living and dining rooms and their spill-over outdoor spaces like terraces and balconies; these images are handpicked from the apartments done by renowned designers in various Indian cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, New Delhi and Noida.  

Designers: Seema Puri Mullan & Zarir Mullan (pic1) Photography: Nrupen Madhvani

An abode in the sky, with all the rooms overlooking the terrace, this is a triplex apartment located in the heart of Mumbai. The décor style is contemporary and understated. The picture beautifully captures the lavish space, its lofty location as well as the detailing of its furniture, furnishings and accessories.  

Designers: Seema Puri Mullan & Zarir Mullan (pic2) Photography: Nrupen Madhvani

This image of furniture placed against a feature-wall highlights the beauty of the contemporary furniture against a classical patterned wallpaper and wall accessory. The aubergine colour accent of the wall-treatment creates an unusual effect. The green of the plants outside further enhances the dramatic quality. 

Designer: Kamal Sagar (pic3) Photography:

The inside-outside story, with a feature wall at the backdrop continues in this duplex apartment in Bangalore. The planning of the apartment affords views from all living spaces into the expansive double-height terrace garden having a water body and a wooden deck. The picture captures the impressive scale of the apartment, the fine interior details as well as the spill-over terrace space. 

Designers: Puja & Ajay Nahar (pic4) Photography: Prashant Bhat

This picture rightly captures the gleefully indulgent mood of the interior.  The warm and inviting apartment located along the famous Queen’s Necklace reflects the lifestyle of the owners. Black highlights enhance the lustrous sheen of gold, in this magical, flamboyant space. 

Designers: Pooja & Arbaysis Ashley (pic5) Photography: Sebastian Zachariah

The living and dining space with solid wood flooring is enhanced by the minimalist styling of pure leather white sofa. The panoramic picture includes the rectangular floating wall clad with 20,000 sliced wine bottle corks, as well as the granite centre-table with a graphical flower water-jet cut out on it. The muted elegance of the space is caught on camera.

Designers: Simeen & Riyaz Qureshi (pic6) Photography: Sameer Chawda

Shades of brown – walnut, beige, coffee and ebony dominate the décor scheme – setting the tone for an ambience of fine elegance. With each décor element flowing with the theme in colours and style, no single feature screams for attention – they just fit in, as a whole. A charming fusion of styles is seen; mainly contemporary with a few classical accents. The image reflects the warmth and grace and the quality of plush homeliness of this living space. 

Designer: Shonan Trehan (pic7) Photography: Joginder Singh

The picture encapsulates the designer’s vision of a home that perfectly fits its occupants’ lifestyle and needs – where one can grow, get inspired, work and rest. The 1500 sq ft terrace apartment with an attached terrace in New Delhi expands on the design idea of a conservatory.

Designer: Manish Gulati (pic8) Photography: Manish Gulati

This stunning duplex apartment in Noida reflects an innovative approach to design, particularly unusual for an apartment decor. The formal living room is a part of a large and contiguous living-dining-kitchen space. The picture captures the dynamic elements, the dramatic overlays and the homely feel of the space – all at once.

Designer: Manish Gulati (pic9) Photography: Manish Gulati

A moment beautifully captured on camera! Natural light streaming in through the blinds on the window brings alive the colours and textures of the sofas and cushions, in the informal living space in a Noida apartment. Magical, indeed! The decor reflects the ever-popular trend of accessorizing plain sofas with colourful cushions  - of all shapes and sizes! The trend now sees multiple cushions in varied prints and colours, occupying more space than the seating space on the sofa!

Designer: Supraja Rao (pic10) Photography: Sameer Chawda

A subtle colour palette with highlights of vibrant colours and forms transforms a conventional 2500 sq ft unit in Hyderabad into a stylish and highly personalized pad. The camera picks up the wonderfully warm and luxurious mood of this richly decorated living-dining space; blending traditional design elements with contemporary accents and contrasting high-gloss materials with matte finishes.

Designer: Pranav Thakore (pic11) Photography: Anand Diwadkar

The 2700 sq ft apartment in a posh Mumbai suburb has a distinct European flavour, the décor borrowing primarily from 20th century design. French-styled elements and dark veneers create the perfect backdrop for the multiple seating options like the floral upholstered English couch and the bay windows. The old-world charm of the space is perfectly caught on camera.  

Designer: Anil Ranka (pic12) Photography: Hemant Patil

This 2675 sq ft apartment includes an attached terrace. The terrace garden with seating, water-fountain, a lot of greenery, pendant lighting and hukka sit-out at mezzanine level has a Zen-like feel. The twilight shot of this well-landscaped outdoor space effectively conveys the drama and mood of the setting.

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