For my first feature on TFOD Diwali special theme of Homes; ‘Trending on TFOD – Home Décor Ideas’, I have picked up, not homes; but images. These absolutely irresistible images highlight various aspects and elements of design. Use of colour and lighting to create moods in ambience, drama of contrast, clever teaming up of materials, richness of textural variations, accents with patterned upholstery and many more elements dressing up the walls, floors, ceilings and furniture; that enhance our tactile experience of space – are seen trending here. These are home décor ideas that can be followed in isolation, or those that can be resized and rescaled to fit the space and budget and immediate needs of the occupants. This cache of ideas would serve to inspire creative thinking in the minds of homeowners. Check it out:

A two-part feature looks at décor ideas for rented spaces – and our correspondent seems to have brought in a fresh approach to the perennially nagging issues of leased accommodations.  From wall-art to colourful cushions – he touches upon all elements that can spruce up an ambience; in a cost-effective way that enables a rented house to become a ‘home’ however temporary it may be. Part One:

So, homes it is. As the Diwali mood sets in – we will have dedicated features on homes! So keep reading, sharing, connecting...and enjoy the ideas and trends we showcase! Write in with more ideas to: