In the most recently announced International Design Awards, TFOD Panelists Lalita Tharani and Mujib Ahmed (of Collaborative Architecture), an early and constant TFOD supporter Ar. Ketan Jawdekar (of Studio K7) – and of course our very own Howard Roark – Ar. Sanjay Puri, have all received acclaim!

Ar. Ketan Jawdekar (after a massive haul of six A’ Design Awards last year) won three this year, with two in Architecture and Interior Design categories. What’s more – the versatile architect is also a super-talented artist – and this year he participated and won an award in the Arts, Crafts and Readymade Design category, as well.

There are a lot more names from India – on the lists of winners! We congratulate each of them; and invited them to share their glory with us, on The Future Of Design!

Another exciting development at TFOD is that we were requested by a leading magazine to suggest few names of talented, young (under 40) designers from the portfolios on the portal – and it gives me great pleasure to say that in a couple of minutes, I could draw up a list of more than 35 outstanding designers from all over the country – and they are running out of space, but I am still not done! However, the Editor has selected several from the list I sent; and their Profiles will feature in the next Special Issue of the magazine.

So, watch this space for more…