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A "special" home: Ar. Ravi Gadre, Pune

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on July 20, 2015 at 02:47 PM

A Modernist at heart, Ar. Ravi Gadre enjoys the rational exploration of geometry to create new forms and enable authentic and dignified design solutions. Nature being his greatest inspiration, the effective translation of traditional values to contemporary needs, results in user-friendly, climate-responsive spaces suited to contemporary lifestyles. Going a few steps further is this highly customized apartment interior for the family of a physically-challenged friend. 

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Pune-based architect and interior designer Ravi Gadre has a stupendous portfolio spanning across three and a half decades. The journey began in 1979 as a partnership firm called Gadre Limaye & Associates, and in 1998 also established Ravi Gadre & Associates. Both the firms are fully functional even today, with Ar. Gadre at the helm. Calling his design journey as ‘an enjoyment with adversity’, Gadre believes that converting limitations into opportunities and restrictions into innovations, is the essence of contemporary design. 

Designing for people with challenges is a topic often discussed on The Future Of Design. Whether it is the planning of our cities, or the designing of our public transport systems, simple things as access to pavements, or even the most basic of amenities like toilets – there is an apparent insensitivity towards people with special needs. Neither is the furniture geared to cope with the challenges, nor the kitchen appliances and nor are the light switches! And this is the difference in this sensitively designed home by Ar. Ravi Gadre

A simple, clutter-free interior was the obvious choice for this 3-bedroom apartment for a polio-afflicted individual and his family. The home and all spaces and elements within, were designed with sensitivity to his needs. Circulation spaces are wide for easy maneuvering; tables/counters are designed for better accessibility; and choice of materials and finishes of furniture and flooring surfaces safeguard against accidental injuries. 

The most significant and interesting element is the master bed – a custom-designed piece that caters to the occupant’s basic needs. The right side of the bed moves up and down; using a custom-made scissor lift usually seen in a two-wheeler workshop. The back too folds up; thereby further enhancing user-comfort and convenience.

Overall, the home is a relaxing space; donning an elegantly stylish, contemporary ambience. The smartly sensitive design customized for the comfort and convenience of the occupant’s special physical needs make it a truly “special” home!

Designer : Ar. Ravi Gadre, Pune
Photography :Courtesy the architect

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