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Hafele-TFOD Profile Of The Week: Ar. Nupur Magdum, Kolhapur

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on September 19, 2015 at 03:32 PM

With a wonderful design philosophy and a strong presence on TFOD, Ar. Nupur Magdum bags this week’s Hafele TFOD Profile Of The Week!! The Kolhapur-based designer, and founder of Sernya Spaces, is a talented, award-winning designer – committed to delivering designs with a ‘contemporary Indian’ touch. An aura with a blend of serenity and sensuality encompasses the spaces she designs; lending it a unique charm and grace.


© Courtesy of the architect

Trends in design are ever-changing, like the seasons. The shifting trends in colours, textures, and styling are seen almost in parallel across a range of fashion and lifestyle choices, including apparel, jewelry, make-up, home décor and even cuisine. And fashionistas are at once seen incorporating these trending seasonal flavours into their creations! However, unlike the other areas of creativity, décor has a lot more permanence. It is therefore challenging for a designer to deliver a ‘timeless’ design solution that will sustain its appeal over several seasons. 

That seems to be a challenge well addressed by Ar. Nupur Magdum of Sernya Spaces! Providing imaginative architectural and interior solutions within the economic and developmental constraints of the clients, the studio flaunts an unabashed Indian identity, which co-exists with international design and luxury standards. This imparts a quality of timelessness to the décor; so that the styling and appeal never go out-of-fashion!

Ar. Nupur Magdum founded Sernya Spaces in 2007, at Kolhapur, Maharashtra, with an aim to create eclectic spaces with an earthy appeal. Sernya, one of the eight auspicious Buddhist symbols, has a pair of golden fish caught in a rhythmic motion and signifying resurrection and continuity of life, with rebirth. The ethos of the design firm by that name is to create stimulating and rejuvenating sensory experiences of indoor and outdoor built space.

Pic: 1&5- Boutique; Pics: 6-13- Residential Spaces; Pic: 14 - Office Conference room; Pics:15&16 - Spa

Whether a lavish home, a cozy office, a massive retail outlet, an exclusive boutique, a classy wellness centre – Nupur’s design philosophy remains unchanged. The underlying desire to create chic, contemporary spaces with an allusion to our Indian roots defines each of her projects. They are subtle in style, yet make strong statements. They hark to the past, but look towards the future. They are smart, sensible, soulful, seductive, graceful and glamorous.

We, at The Future Of Design, enjoy the presence and participation of numerous such talented artists and designers – who enrich our effort with their support. Here’s wishing Nupur luck and success for the journey ahead!

Designer : Ar. Nupur Magdum, Kolhapur
Photography :Courtesy the architect

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