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Hafele-TFOD Profile Of The Week: FHD Group, Hyderabad

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on November 13, 2015 at 07:47 PM

Now revamped as the FHD Group, the Fountainhead Group - with its HQ in Hyderabad - is a widely known design firm; with impressive projects in all sectors, and in many Indian cities. Also associated strongly with the Classical/Neo-Classical design aesthetic, the new re-defined FHD Group has spread its base over four other cities and imbibed a new corporate culture. With the focus shifting to critically meaningful and creatively unique projects, FHD is now poised for multidimensional growth. The group bags this week's Proifle Of The Week - for its active presence and frequent participation on TFOD!


© Courtesy of FHD Group, Hyderabad

“Good design is always simple,” believe the Fountain Heads at FHD Group, a Hyderabad-based design consultancy firm that has risen to be one of the leading ones from the city. Managing Director of FHD Group, Nagesh Battula did a Diploma in Architecture and started Fountainhead Design, 18 years ago. He has since then spearheaded the company with a rather simple philosophy of “simplifying the complexities of projects”.

Cover Pic, Pics: 3-6. A high-density multidwelling proposed project in Bangalore

Over time, Fountainhead Design has evolved into the FHD Group - with offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Bhuvaneshwar, and Mumbai and 120 dedicated Fountain Heads! The firm focuses on five verticals: Architecture', 'Interiors', 'Landscape', 'Lightscape', and 'Design Build'; and handles projects from varied sectors such as Residential Developments, Mixed-use Developments, Commercial Complexes, Hospitality, Retail, and Interiors.

Pics: 7-9. A high-end residential development under construction in Bangalore

The new re-defined FHD Group comprises an architectural team with the passion to execute critically meaningful and creatively unique projects. The studio focuses on exploration of design strategies that mediate and reinterpret the boundaries between traditional/cultural values and contemporary living. A synthesis that blends old and new, international and regional – thus marks their work. 

Pics: 10-12. A Classical-styled, lavish villa in Hyderabad

The design heads at FHD evaluate client/project needs, reshaped through Critical Thinking Workshops where they investigate the various project forces at work - from economics to user experience to social relevance, with all stakeholders. Rather than look for ‘isms’ of design, FHD team amalgamates critical, intuitive and rational thinking to create socially inclusive and sustainable design.

Pic: 13-15. A Modern, proposed commercial/retail development in Hyderabad

The FHD Group philosophy revolves around creating something unique; to transform brilliant imagination into extraordinary designs, and extraordinary designs into breathtaking reality. Their ideas stem from their observations of the way people interact with spatial conditions, and draw from their reserves of experience and expertise. Technological up-gradation includes integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and using software like Revit to ensure fully coordinated drawings and details. A two-level quality audit process ensures deliverable quality and on-site effectiveness.  

Whether high-end residential interiors or lavish mixed-use development schemes, the FHD approach to design is meticulously methodical, with keen attention to detail and a focus on quality. However, the firm is now focusing heavily on the less explored segment of affordable housing; refining their concepts and putting forward proposals that encourage self-sustaining community developments where the redevelopment of shanties can happen as a collective and participatory effort.  The FHD group’s commitment to sustainability includes creating holistic, zero carbon “rurban” typology for alternate living and a more symbiotic relationship with nature. 

We, at The Future Of Design, wish FHD much success in their future endeavours. 


Designer : FHD Group, Hyderabad
Photography :Courtesy the architects

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